New List on Worst Airports in the U.S. for Delays

woman checks flight status on screen in airport

Airports That Aren’t Ready to Go When You Are

Low fares business class specialist Let’s Fly Cheaper (LFC) has updated its list of worst domestic airports for delayed flights. LFC’s new list, “Worst Airports in the U.S. for Delays” rates the airports on the number of delayed flights as a percentage of overall monthly airport movement (flights). Unless otherwise cited, all figures used are provided by FlightStats and their September 2016 Airport On-Time Performance Report.

Percentages are being used to better gauge how crummy these airports are at getting planes up-and-running at their predetermined time. Naturally, airports with more flights would probably be more likely have more delays. By using delayed percentages of all flights, these slow airports are left without a scapegoat.

Can you guess what airports made our lists of 5 Worst Airports for Delays? (HINT: two are in the same state)

5. Orlando International Airport (MCO)

The Orlando Eye ferris wheel in Orlando Florida.

The Orlando Eye.

Orlando starts off our list as the best of the worst airports for delays. Just slightly less than our #4 airport, Orlando didn’t do the best when it came to getting their planes in the air as planned. The best part of a delay at Orlando International Airport is a chance to better explore the shops, like the multiple Disney and Universal Studios stores, or even a Kennedy Space Center store.

4. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

 City street view with urban buildings on March 26, 2015 in Philadelphia. Long exposure.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Although the Founding Father’s we’re big fans of Philadelphia, they, too, would probably hate flying from PHL. Maybe you come for work. Maybe you come to see the Liberty Bell. Maybe you come to eat so much cheesesteak, you have to fly business class to fit in a seat. Either way, when you leave, it’ll probably be later than expected. More than 1 out of 6 September flights were delayed. We may sound like we’re being hard on Philadelphia, but they’re nothing compared to the next three airports.

3. Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, Florida

Another popular airport in Florida has made our list. Miami is the location of our third most delayed airport in the U.S. Over 3 hours from MCO, MIA beats out PHL and  MCO as more likely to experience delays. Among U.S. airports, they fly out the most cargo and are the second most popular airport for international flyers. Too bad they’re third on the worst airports for delays. You can always break out your 3-ounce sun tan oil and work on your tan while you wait.  You may even have enough time to squeeze your own orange juice.

2. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles at dusk.

Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Serving all those involved in the epitome of business and entertainment, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ranks #2 on most likely to experience delays. It also ranks #2 of Most Populated Cities in the U.S. It’s only natural it would be overwhelmed with busy people flying. Nonetheless, about 19.47% of flights out of Los Angeles ended up being delayed this month. If you’re flying out of this nearly-ninety-year-old Southern Californian airport, be aware that about 1 in 5 flights out will be delayed.

1. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark, New Jersey at Night

Newark, New Jersey. (Image by Jamaalcobbs via Wikimedia Commons.)

Although Newark International Airport is in New Jersey, it’s also used by flyers in neighboring New York. You can’t help but sympathize for Newark, La Guardia and JFK, as they all serve the most populated city in the U.S. Newark Liberty International Airport tops our list with a cancellation rate of 20.18%, which may not seem like a lot…until your flight is in that percentage. To put that into perspective, Newark’s cancellation rate is about two times higher than the lowest cancellation rate found this month, which is in Phoenix (PHX). Make sure to frequently check your flight’s status if you’re leaving out of Newark Liberty International Airport.

Just Because You’re Not in the Same Airport, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be in The Same Boat

Business people stand in front of flight status screen in airport

Cocky that your regular airports aren’t on this list? Or maybe they are and you’re scoffing that you’ve yet to experience delays. This list isn’t a guarantee that you will or will not be delayed. Although some of these airports may reoccur on this list more often than others, these percentages are solely reflective of September flights. As always, be sure to keep an eye on your flight’s status, whether on mobile, the web, or pigeon carrier (check with your local airport about pigeon carrying options.) Whether you’re in Phoenix or Newark, your flight might be delayed. Any flyer seeing “DELAYED” next to their flight is in the same boat as any other delayed flyer, even if it’s not the same plane.

1(EWK) Newark20.18%
2(LAX) Los Angeles19.47%
3(MIA) Miami18.95%
4(PHL) Philadelphia17.82%
5(MCO) Orlando17.67%