A Guide to Traveling to Europe in 2023


Some of the top travel destinations in the world will land you in Europe – from the stunning island beaches of Mykonos, Greece, to the iconic Matterhorn peak in Switzerland and everything in between, this content has 44 incredible countries that make a great addition to any bucket list.

As travel begins to resume, many are eager to head over to Europe to take in the amazing sights, food, and culture. However, before booking your business-class plane ticket, make sure you know what to expect when planning your itinerary.

Research is More Important than Ever

If you’re traveling from the United States to Europe, you may be wondering what kinds of documents you might need to present at the airline or when you land at your destination.

Once you know your final destination (and any others if you’re planning on country-hopping), consult each country’s government website for up-to-date information on individual country travel restrictions.

The last thing you want is to be turned away at the airport because of missing or improper documentation.

Speaking of which, make sure you apply for an ETIAS visa waiver if needed.

Obtaining an ETIAS

The ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorization System – is a visa waiver program used by 26 European countries for an added measure of security with travelers.

These countries are grouped in the Schengen Area and include, among others:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

All you need to apply is your passport, an email address, and payment method for the application fee (which is valid for up to 3 years afterwards). While most applications get processed within a few minutes, it doesn’t hurt to fill this out before your flight so you know you’re good to go!

Why Travel to Europe Right Now

Now is a great time to travel because fewer visitors mean fewer wait times for tourist attractions and ancient wonders (and maybe even some better deals). You’re almost guaranteed to snap better pictures because of fewer crowds.

Places that may have otherwise been impossible to visit or more enjoyable experiences in small groups (i.e. hiking trails, museums, and famous attractions) will be more readily available and offer a more intimate experience.

Plus, you’re sure to make new connections. Talking to locals can help you discover some pretty spectacular areas that aren’t well-known to tourists. Not to mention, the best food and handcrafted items often come from independent shops.

Don’t forget to check out small, family-owned restaurants and businesses and support the local economy. American dollars can go a long way in Europe. 

Europe’s Top 5 Travel Destinations

Looking to add a few places to your bucket list? Check out these incredible cities and make sure you research the details for visiting this year.

Paris, France

Marked as the best place to visit in Europe, Paris is a beautiful and romantic city with highly-regarded historical museums and monuments.

Rome, Italy

A top destination spot for many tourists, Rome has some of the best pizza and pasta out there and some incredible historic architecture to behold.


This stylish city is full of art, culture, and architecture; it’s regarded by many as the 7th best place to visit in Europe. Live like the locals and stroll along the incredible canal streets, stopping for a bite or a pint at the hundreds of pubs and cafes. 

Santorini, Greece

Greece is full of unparalleled views and crystal-clear water. However, Santorini tops the charts for the best destination in Greece. The volcanic environment has created some of the most unique beaches with jet-black and raging red sand at Kamari Beach and Red Beach.


The capital city of the Czech Republic is fantastical. The Gothic architecture is a sight to behold and encapsulates the old-world-themed adventures you can have here. It’s a destination as unique as it is budget-friendly.

Be Aware and Book Business-Class

As with traveling anywhere, understanding the environment that you’re traveling to is an important measure to staying safe. New and updated travel requirements are popping up frequently, so it’s important to remain aware of the documentation you’ll need for traveling abroad.

When booking, opt for business-class flights. They’re more comfortable for long flights (like to Europe) because they offer free food and drink, recline (sometimes into a bed), and – most importantly – have way more legroom. Not to mention they’re cheaper than first-class

If you’re ready to book your next trip to Europe and visit one of these first-class destinations in business-class comfort, rely on Lets Fly Cheaper to get you the best deal.