How to Make the Most Out of Your Miles and Earn More.

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With the busy summer travel season winding down, now might be a good time to maximize those frequent flier miles you might have racked up in preparation to make an exotic escape from the brutal winter. The only real incentive for many frequent fliers these days are those precious miles and how to get the […]

Some Essential Mobile Apps for the International Traveler

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With all the advances in technology it’s exciting and refreshing to know there is an app to suit just about every need. That especially rings true when it comes to international travel. Here are our 10 suggested free apps for your smartphone and tablet devices to make your trip easy and fun.   1. Viber –Viber […]

What are the Most Common Airport Delays? We Asked the Pilot

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There aren’t many passengers who enjoy hanging out at the airport longer than two hours unless you’re among that elite status of business traveler who utilizes the cushy airline club lounges. All in all, most of us just want to be on our way to our destinations in an efficient, safe and timely manner. Sometimes […]

Tips and Tales from a Gate Agent to Increase Your Chance for an Upgrade

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Lets Fly wanted to know some of the leaps and bounds weary travelers will go through to get an upgrade to first or business class, so we went to the source. Former United Airlines gate agent Chasen Richardson was happy to answer some of our questions. Richardson also shares some passenger stories.   1.      […]

The Ever Expanding Airline Fee

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As airline travelers we always seem to find something to complain about. The entire process of traveling by air for many of us has turned into a stressful, potentially expensive adventure. Instead of just enjoying the convenient excitement of hoping on a plane from point A to B we find ourselves faced with new worrisome […]