The World’s Safest Airlines

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Although, we hate to think about it, but airline safety is something that is always in the back of our minds as we board millions of flights every year. Of course accidents are extremely rare and this past year was the safest year since 1945, accidents do happen and there are some airlines out there […]

Easy Steps to Get an Upgrade

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Are you tired of making that walk of shame through the first and business class cabin on your way to the depths of economy class? By now, many of you have read the news how airlines are in the process of developing and installing new, thinner, less comfortable economy class seats with the intention of […]

United Airlines Announces Their New 787 Dreamliner Routes

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  Yesterday the folks at United announced the news many international travelers have been waiting for. Below is a list of the much anticipated Dreamliner service. Denver, Colorado to Tokyo – Daily nonstop service starts on March, 31st 2013 Houston, Texas to Lagos, Nigeria – Daily nonstop, five days a week service starts on January, […]

Some Essential Mobile Apps for the International Traveler

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With all the advances in technology it’s exciting and refreshing to know there is an app to suit just about every need. That especially rings true when it comes to international travel. Here are our 10 suggested free apps for your smartphone and tablet devices to make your trip easy and fun.   1. Viber –Viber […]