In Flight Entertainment, a Quick Look at its History

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Believe it or not, the first in-flight movie was shown to passengers on board an Aeromarine Airways amphibious aircraft in 1921. The film was called Howdy Chicago. The flight was a short sightseeing trip around the Chicago area. It wasn’t until 1925 when Imperial Airways became the first revenue passenger airline to show a movie on board a short […]

iPads Could be the Future of In Flight Entertainment for 2013

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As the iPad seems to have taken over the world of portable entertainment, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the airlines have picked up on the invading devices to fill that gap which will allow passengers to have complete control over their in flight entertainment experience. It’s also a way for the airlines to create a new incentive […]

The Future is Coming for In-Flight Entertainment

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The annual Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) just wrapped up in Long Beach, CA. So far the airlines won’t be employing the Jersey Boy’s or booking Carlos Santana to do in-flight performances just yet. This year’s event focused heavily on the greatest innovations in technology and how to utilize them in-flight. The event features a […]