Hotels Offer Perks for the Business Traveler

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  With the improving economy, hotels are making it their priority to convince businesses how important it still is to send their employees out of the office for face to face meetings with their clients. They are coming up with more creative ways to make meetings easier, more comfortable and even fun. Innovative ideas like, […]

In-Flight Etiquette for the Business Traveler

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When it comes to flying, even business travelers must pay close attention to what may or may not be rude. Short of hiring a private jet, every airline experience you receive will be highly dependent on the courtesy of other passengers around you. The only way to ensure that your flights go without a hitch […]

Traveling on Holidays: Tips for the Business Traveler

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With Easter fast approaching, some business travelers are moaning that they have to be on the go for this traditional holiday. However, most business travelers inevitably are asked to travel during holidays for one reason or another. It could be that meetings fall directly after a holiday, requiring business professionals to fly on the busier […]