One size no longer fits all at JetBlue

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JetBlue has announced that it will start offering a new premium business class, which it is calling “Mint”.   With fully-flat beds, private suites, dual power outlets that include USB ports, amenity kits and a Saxon+Parole designed tapas menu, JetBlue’s new “Mint” seating will start in the summer of 2014.   The new business class […]

Easyjet’s Inclusive Fare is Attracting Business Travelers

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Easyjet has announced its plan to capture more of the business travel market with the launch of a new “inclusive fare”, which the airline won’t be offering on its website.   The new fare will target business class passengers and travel bookers. It will be accessible through the GDSs and other booking systems connected directly […]

Pressure on Qantas mounts as competition in business class increases

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  International operations of Qantas which is going in loss is reeling under increasing pressure ofreducing the fares which has moved even to the business class cabins in long routes. Now the Chinese airlines have come to the fore strengthening their capacity to Australia which is offering their passengers a return fare of $5000 as […]