Hidden travel fees can add up quick – here is how to avoid them

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Whether it’s $25 to check you bag on an airplane or $200 for changing your flight reservation, travel fees have a way of sneaking up on you when you are traveling for business. This isn’t only costly, it becomes very annoying when you are trying to keep your business travel thrifty.   You would think […]

Sensible Tips to Save Your Company Money on Business Travel

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The cost of business travel is increasing. Despite the rise in fuel prices, which have a direct effect on the cost of flights, rental car rates and other transportation services, there are still plenty of ways you can save your company some serious cash when it comes to take your next business trip.   Company […]

US Airlines to Start Offering Internet Access on International Flights

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As airline competition heats up so do airline advancements in on board entertainment technologies. The most important and widely requested of new in flight innovations is Wi-Fi. Most airlines in the U.S offer the service on domestic routes but have yet to advance to the point of offering it on overseas travel, until now. United, […]

United Airlines 787 Dreamliner Domestic Service Announced.

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Before United Airlines launches its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner international service, they will be routing the new aircraft on domestic routes for five months. This will be done to familiarize the crews with the aircraft as well as giving the domestic traveler the opportunity to experience United’s brand new toy.   The tentative date for […]

American Airlines to Upgrade Their Transcontinental Domestic Fleet

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Sometime in 2013, American Airlines will start replacing many of their transcontinental JFK based fleet with brand new Airbus A321 aircraft, which is a stretched version of the popular Airbus A320 aircraft. The current transcontinental routes flown by American out of JFK are mainly operated by an aging fleet of Boeing 767s.   Unlike many […]