Airlines Offering more Amenities to go with those Flat Bed Seats

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So it seems just about every international airline has installed fancy flat-bed seats in most of their business class cabins. The seats have proven to be very popular options on those long haul flights. However, with so many airlines having them, they are no longer a huge selling point, at least, not until now.   […]

United Airlines Offers Satellite Wi-Fi on International Flights

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  It looks as if United Airlines is finally catching up to the speed. The airline announced they will be including satellite based Wi-Fi on all international flights. United rolled out their first Boeing 747 aircraft last week equipped with the new Wi-Fi. The airline has immediate plans to beginning installing the new service on […]

Delta, The Airline on top of Their Game in 2012

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As we take a look at the year in review for the airline industry, 2012 saw Atlanta based Delta Airlines making some dramatic business decisions. The first came in April as the airline announced it had purchased an oil refinery in Pennsylvania with the long term goal of producing jet fuel. The decision to purchase […]