Take the Stress Out of Your Business Trips

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Take the Stress Out of Your Business Trips If you travel often for business, you know how stressful just the travel alone can be. You need to plan your itinerary, track all of your expenses and deal with the potential delay along the way, it is often difficult to get everything done and still stay […]

Tips for Business Travelers to Stay Productive

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Whether you are traveling across the United States or traveling all the way around the world, it is important that you have a plan to make sure you aren’t forgetting something important and that you are productive during the “lost time” you experience while on a plane.   Depending on your line of work, business […]

Battle that Business Travel Stress

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Travel experts have recently pointed out that business travel can be a stressful adventure loaded with sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating habits and working at a nonstop pace onboard an airplane. These are all components that can lead to a stress overload.   The jet lag issue is in fact a chemical imbalance where there is […]