The New Boeing 787-9 is Unveiled

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On Saturday Boeing unveiled their latest addition to the Dreamliner fleet, the 787-9, which Boeing expects to be ready for its first flight later this summer.   The 787-9 is 20 feet longer and will carry 40 more passengers. The new aircraft will also be able to fly an additional 300 miles compared to the […]

United Airlines Offers Satellite Wi-Fi on International Flights

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  It looks as if United Airlines is finally catching up to the speed. The airline announced they will be including satellite based Wi-Fi on all international flights. United rolled out their first Boeing 747 aircraft last week equipped with the new Wi-Fi. The airline has immediate plans to beginning installing the new service on […]

Boeing’s 787 Nightmare, Should We Be Concerned?

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As we saw the introduction to Boeing’s beautiful, state of the art new 787 airliner, the thought of it having minor growing pains is always a possibility. History has always shown when a new airliner is developed; it’s not uncommon that issues arise here and there. However, Boeing has had a real challenge with those […]

United Airlines First Boeing 787 Takes Flight

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It’s been nearly a decade since the engineers at Boeing began work on Boeings newest work horse, the 787 Dreamliner. The jet is the most ambitious, state of the art airplane to hit the sky in decades, and a longtime dream of many Boeing engineers. Boeing’s promise to create the airplane of the future hasn’t […]

Now enjoy first class in Etihad Airways Boeing 777 – their latest addition

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Etihad Airways EY11 flight flying enroute Abu Dhabi – London Heathrow took its maiden flight recently, its special feature being the 3-cabin configuration on Boeing 777. Etihad’s new addition to its fleet of aircrafts is the first Boeing 777-300ER to have 3-cabin configuration. The aircraft has 8 Diamond suites (first class category), 40 Pearl seats […]

EVA is all set to upgrade their business class

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According to the up market news EVA has planned to reduce the number of seats in business class on the plane but is going to increase the fare of the remaining seats to as much as twenty percent. Only yesterday it was announced by EVA Airways that it had plans to spend hundred million US […]

Air France business class flights with full sleep seats

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Air France’s Boeing 777-200ER will operate flights between Wuhan and Paris-Charles de Gaulle three times per week.  The aircraft will have 250 Voyageur / Economy seats, 35 Business Class seats and 24 Premium Voyageur seats. Wuhan is now Air France’s 9th destination in Greater China     Business class passengers will have the pleasure of […]