New “Best and Worst U.S. Airports for Business Travelers” for 2014

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Lets Fly Cheaper announces its “Best/Worst U.S. Airports for Business Travelers List” based on traveler ratings. Las Vegas, August 27, 2014 –- Denver’s a mile high in traveler esteem and Miami’s underwater, according the latest “Best and Worst U.S. Airports for the Business Traveler” list compiled by low fares business travel specialist Lets Fly Cheaper […]

Easyjet’s Inclusive Fare is Attracting Business Travelers

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Easyjet has announced its plan to capture more of the business travel market with the launch of a new “inclusive fare”, which the airline won’t be offering on its website.   The new fare will target business class passengers and travel bookers. It will be accessible through the GDSs and other booking systems connected directly […]

All You Can Fly Airline – The Future of Business Travel

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Well it was just a matter of time. Everyone loves the “All you can eat buffet”, right? So why not an airline that offers “All you can fly”? Surf Air, a new small airline, launched in June of this year, is doing just that to select cities on the California coast.   For a flat […]

How American Airlines / U.S Airways Merger Impacts Business Travelers

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As most of you are probably aware, American Airlines and U.S Airways finalized a deal to merge the two airlines. The new airline will be called American Airlines and will now hold the title of the world’s largest airline. Historically speaking, airline mergers of this magnitude have their hiccups and growing pains. It’s likely this […]

How to be a Professional Traveler

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We all have our limits when it comes to preparing for a flight. From the moment we book a flight, up to the moment we board the airplane. These limits can be both, mental and physical in nature. Did I pack too much? Do I have my passport? What’s up with this security line? These […]

Business Travelers Love Atlanta’s Airport

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A recent study emerged announcing which U.S airport business travelers favored. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International took the top honor. The airport is also the busiest airport in the world. The added pressure of being the world’s busiest has forced the airport to appeal to every traveler who steps foot in Atlanta’s mega, airport complex. They seem […]

Our Five Favorite Layover Airports in America

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Layovers, for many of us are unfortunately, unavoidable. They mainly pertain to those of us who live outside of hub airports or for those of us traveling to smaller destinations. Either way, they exist and are now a part of the traveler’s lifestyle. There are ways to make a long layover bearable and on occasion, […]

Tips for Winter Weather Stranded Flyers

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Those who fly a lot know the inconvenient perils that come with traveling during the winter seasons, especially in regions that are prone to severe winter weather. For example, Chicago receives and average snowfall of nearly 40 inches per year. That means heavy airline delays and occasional cancellations. If Chicago’s O’Hare Airport gets hammered by […]

The Best Airport Hotels

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Airport hotels have traditionally been reserved as one night stays for optionless travels and the occasional flight crew member. They have never really been known as full time destination spots. The new trend in airport hotels is on the upswing as they begin to cater to the traveler by offering more than just a quick […]

Worst Connection Airports in America

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Nonstop air travel is usually the preferred method for most travelers. However, with the 1978 deregulation of the airlines as well as the constant demand for cheap ticket the hub and spoke system is the most common method for the airlines. That means connecting flights are inevitable.   Legacy carriers such as United and Delta […]

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