Why Charging Passengers by Weight Will Never Work

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Lately there has been trending news about an airline based out of the Samoan Islands who plan to charge passengers according to their individual weight. Sure, this sounds completely wrong on so many levels, or does it? Samoan Airlines operates a fleet of small turbo prop aircraft which have weight restrictions. In laymen terms, the […]

The New Boeing 787-9 is Unveiled

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On Saturday Boeing unveiled their latest addition to the Dreamliner fleet, the 787-9, which Boeing expects to be ready for its first flight later this summer.   The 787-9 is 20 feet longer and will carry 40 more passengers. The new aircraft will also be able to fly an additional 300 miles compared to the […]

Hyperloop – The Future of Business Travel?

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What if you could get into a car-sized capsule and be transported to your business meeting at 700 mph? It may sound like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it just might be reality in the near future.   This week, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed his transportation concept which he claims will whisk […]