Airline Bundling Packages, What Are They?

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Just as we begin to think the airlines have topped out on charging fees, there is a new airline trend on the rise. Airline ticket bundling, yes, that’s “bundling” as in the same thing many cable and satellite T.V providers offer. I suppose it’s similar in that regards. Let’s take a look at some of […]

How to Avoid Airline Fees 101

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Just because the airlines are increasing some of their fees doesn’t necessarily mean the consumer can’t find ways around them. Wearing your entire vacation wardrobe isn’t the most practical or comfortable method but surely it’s been attempted. Lets Fly has compiles a list of ten things you can do to eliminate those pesky fees, […]

The Ever Expanding Airline Fee

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As airline travelers we always seem to find something to complain about. The entire process of traveling by air for many of us has turned into a stressful, potentially expensive adventure. Instead of just enjoying the convenient excitement of hoping on a plane from point A to B we find ourselves faced with new worrisome […]