High-Speed WiFi on Airplanes Possible by 2014

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In-flight high-speed wifi could be made available as early as next year if a new satellite system by Ofcom is approved.   The UK communications regulator began a consultation, last week, on a satellite system for aircraft, ships and trains that will be able to provide wifi connections up to ten times faster than the […]

How to Re-Establish Airline Brand Loyalty… Advice to the Airlines

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The age old question for business branding is usually the topic of creating consistent customer loyalty. Returning business is how they thrive and grow. Just because a business has a long history in a very competitive industry, that doesn’t mean your customers aren’t looking for greener pastures. We live in an age where consumer options are abundant.   The airlines are […]

Political Spending Cuts Could Delay and Cancel Your Flights

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There is $1.2 trillion in spending cuts which are due to go into effect on March, 1st. $600 million of those cuts will be imposed on the FAA. This could mean unpaid furloughs of nearly the entire FAA workforce, including air traffic controllers. In addition to the FAA, the TSA would also experience some of […]