The New Boeing 787-9 is Unveiled

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On Saturday Boeing unveiled their latest addition to the Dreamliner fleet, the 787-9, which Boeing expects to be ready for its first flight later this summer.   The 787-9 is 20 feet longer and will carry 40 more passengers. The new aircraft will also be able to fly an additional 300 miles compared to the […]

United Airlines Offers Satellite Wi-Fi on International Flights

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  It looks as if United Airlines is finally catching up to the speed. The airline announced they will be including satellite based Wi-Fi on all international flights. United rolled out their first Boeing 747 aircraft last week equipped with the new Wi-Fi. The airline has immediate plans to beginning installing the new service on […]

Boeing’s 787 Nightmare, Should We Be Concerned?

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As we saw the introduction to Boeing’s beautiful, state of the art new 787 airliner, the thought of it having minor growing pains is always a possibility. History has always shown when a new airliner is developed; it’s not uncommon that issues arise here and there. However, Boeing has had a real challenge with those […]