Resort-styled Retirement

Retirement party

Congrats! You’ve Retired! Where to Next?

Why does retirement always have to be associated with mundane activities and food? Since when are you limited to playing bingo and eating tapioca pudding once you’re available for senior discounts? Yes, you’re retired, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for travel, comfort, and fine dining. Retirement should be enjoyable. Why can’t retirement and luxury co-exist? The answer is “They can!” There are retirement communities around the world, but here are a few in the country that want to maintain, or even improve, your lifestyle while in retirement.  These places will make home feel like a 5-star resort.

Take a look at amenities and services offered at these resort-like residences that might make retirement the best time of your life.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills - California , USA

The Watermark – Beverly Hills, CA

Want the luxury of Los Angeles without the hustle and bustle? Then look forward to retirement at The Watermark in Beverly Hills. This location skips the out-dated title of “retirement home,” in favor of “boutique assisted living community.” Don’t worry about signing off your independence if you decide to spend your hard-earned retirement dollars on an apartment at The Watermark. They  want you to preserve your high-end lifestyle and independence.

Unlike many assisted living facilities, The Watermark gives you your own pantry that is kept stocked with your favorites. Additionally, you have 3 cooked meals a day prepared by skilled chefs. While in comfort of your facility, you can enjoy a massage or haircut.

Shopping on retirement


If you want to be out in the world, you can have a personal driver take you to Rodeo Drive to do some shopping. If you find you need a new outfit, but aren’t much of a shopper, The Watermark will provide you with a personal shopper whenever your heart desires. You can feel free to splurge on expensive clothing since you’ll never have to worry about drying cleaning. That, too, is provided.

If you’re interested in anything from fitness to finessing  your poetry, the Watermark is sure to have a class on it.
If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking this sounds more like a high-end hotel than assisted living community. The Watermark provides a golden opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while embracing your golden years.


The Mayflower – Winter Park, FL

When people think “retirement places,” their first thought is often “Florida.” Quite frankly, it’s a popular spot for a reason. Colder climates can be harsh on your health and snow removal can be physically exerting and dangerous. Why bother with it if you don’t have to?

The Mayflower is located in sunny Florida, just outside Orlando. They have two restaurant-styled dining options, including one that is reminiscent of an upscale pub. Be sure to try their chicken coq au vin! Never worry about your well-being, as they provide 24/7 security and medical attention. In your free time, you can explore the grounds to find a pool, koi pond, rose garden, walking trails,  and lakes.

Being a resident at The Mayflower doesn’t mean you’re anchored to their facility. You can travel with other residents on trips and cruises to international locations. Make sure you have a passport!

The Mayflower also is partnered with nearby Rollins College to allow easy access to any knowledge you wish to gain. Maybe learn about culture in Norway before your trip or take a Photography so that you can have “Wow!” worthy pictures of your cruise to Hawaii.

Active Senior Couple Exploring Old Town Of La Valletta With Trav

If you want to stick to the status quo and find yourself more of a homebody, that works too. You can even still host your annual Thanksgiving dinner by reserving their private dining room. Your guest to stay in a designated room overnight. After seeing all that The Mayflower has to offer, you might have troubling getting rid of them!

Trilogy at Encanterra – San Tan Valley, AZ


This retirement oasis sits just outside Phoenix and is the worst place to put your feet up. How could you just lounge around when you could be walking over to the golf course, tennis courts, pools, or gym?

If you do decide to take a seat from all the action, we suggest doing it on Prime Rib Saturdays. If meat doesn’t sound appealing, maybe some fresh veggies and a glass of high-end wine will be more palatable. If you find yourself enjoying the pool too much to get out, swim on over to the poolside bar and grill to get a treat without ever leaving the water.

If you’re inspired to do so, you can save yourself a seat for the 2017 community trip to the New Zealand or Yellowstone National Park. Stressed with all the options available? Head to the spa for a massage and Chai Soy Mud Wrap.

woman at the spa

If you’re ready to move here, but not sure if it’s worth its hefty price tag, you can stay for 4 days to try it out for a price that is probably less than what you would pay at a 4-star hotel. Are you already booking your business class ticket to PHX?


Independence Hill – San Antonio, TX

Still not impressed by the amenities at the previous 3 communities? Maybe Independence Hill is more your style.

Sun Parakeets in aviary.

Sun Parakeets in an aviary.


Independence Hills has a lot of expected amenities from a luxury retirement community such as housekeeping, linen service, transportation, salon, and barber shop. Some less conventional amenities include a music room, two libraries, dance studio, concierge, 3-story aviaries, a billiards lounge, and even an in-house theater! Did we mention privileges at the nearby country club?


Independence Hill keeps their guests happy with themed nights. Some past events include Casino night and a Big Band Dance. Even regular days hold a lot in store for you. You can feast on traditional Texas barbecue at grill area or peruse the day’s menu custom made by professional chefs.

Stay cultured with outings to museums, theatrical performances, and historic tours. If you want to learn something new without leaving home, you can sit-in on an astronomy lecture or maybe sign-up for a language class. By then, you’ll never want to say au revoir to Independence Hill.






MS The World

You’re looking into places to enjoy your retirement, but who says that you’re ready to be stagnant and conventional? Communities designed for the 55+ shouldn’t be your only option. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy an adventurous lifestyle.

Have you always wanted to see the world? Maybe you already have, but you wouldn’t mind another go-around now that you’re older and have more time to take in each location. When we say “The World,” we actually mean the largest residential ship to exist, rather than the big blue marble we live on. Appropriate to its name, The World allows you see new lands in the day while being able to go back to your onboard home at night.

Your residence is complete with its own kitchen so you can still maintain your cooking skills and family recipes that are typically unnecessary in other facilities. Let us disclose that The World is not designed for retirement, but we find it would make an excellent retirement option if you want luxury, travel, and fun, without the feeling of being in a retirement home.


How could you not want to sleep under millions of stars in the middle of the ocean? When you look out your window, you will see a new view every week. We find this is the perfect retirement option if you want to stay on the move and fancy yourself a permanent cruise.

Reward Your Hard Work

You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your life. You put a lot of sweat and tears into your profession and have saved diligently. Maybe you’ve sent a lot of your life putting others first. Maybe you’ve held back on indulgences most of your life. Now that you’re ready to retire, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Retirement is like a second childhood. You should be free from worry and focused on enjoying and bettering your life. The only concern you should have is if you’ll be late to your tai chi class or what you should order for lunch today. Although you’ll have to hand over your retirement funds, you’ll be given back so much more. These are all locations you should consider if you want to an extended vacation rather than a retirement home. Cheers to your golden years!