Which airlines offer the best business class deals?

With so many airlines vying to take us on our next holiday or business trip it can be really tough to know where, or with who, to spend our precious travel dollars. And because we believe business class really is the only way to fly, we also know it’s not always easy to land yourself the best business class deals. Luckily, we’ve cut out the searching time for you and rounded up a list of carriers offering cheap business class flights, to help make planning for your next trip easy and affordable.


Jet Blue Airways

With their recent addition of business-class travel, Jet Blue Mint, this airline carrier offers very cheap business-class flights, perfect for any travel within North America. The cabin itself comes with “mini suite” seats for privacy, Direct TV, lie-flat premium leather seats, free Wi-Fi and a sumptuous meal. They offer one way business class tickets from JFK-LAX for about $599, one-way. It’s also featured in Airlinerating.com’s top 10 list of safest, low cost carriers.


Virgin America

A low cost, California-based carrier, Virgin America (VA) is a North American cheap business class airlines catering to passengers looking for a haul from Las Vegas to LA, LA to San Francisco and Dallas to Australia. It also flies to Boston, New York, Seattle, Mexico and Florida. Recently, they’re adding Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii to the list too. Virgin America offers cheap business class airline fares, while boasting very good amenities such as free Wi-Fi, meals, on-demand entertainment and comfortable business-class seats with enough legroom to stretch for long flights, gaining them positive reviews from travelers. It’s also included in Airlineratings.com’s 10 safest low cost airlines.


Southwest Airlines

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is nearly as sizable as any North American Airline, but costs considerably less. In June 3 of this year, they launched a nationwide sale offering super cheap fares, starting at $49 (economy), depending on distance. Yet aside from the sale, it has been reputed as a large, low cost North American airline, offering short and long hauls for travelers in Atlanta, Mexico, Baltimore, Texas, Houston, New York and many more. When looking for cheap business class deals, add this to your options. There is no separate business class, but traveling in their Business Select option gives you priority boarding where you can pick the seat of your choice and get a premium drink, among other perks.


Alaska Airlines

A Seattle-based low cost carrier which for 3 years running, has had the best performance when it comes to arrival and departure. Alaska Airlines offer cheap flights to destinations including Hawaii, Mexico and several North American states. They also offer Mileage Plan, search for their best travel deals online and enjoy business-class experience like no other.


Air Canada

Not always viewed as the cheapest airline, but really Air Canada offers some great business class deals too. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Traveling can be tough when you have no idea where to turn to for best deals. Now that you’ve been given choices and tips you can save yourself from the fear of missing out on the best business class deals. Of course you can also take the pain out of all the comparison work by using an online travel website, like us here at LetsFlyCheaper.com, specialising in the best business class deals for you.

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