Top 5 Holiday Destinations and How to Land the Best Business Class Deals

Travelling is definitely a fun thing to do, especially when it’s for a well deserved vacation. You do not need to be in your room, while your friends and workmates have a great time on their holiday. So you’ve booked leave from work, you’ve saved your hard earned money and you have a holiday budget and now it’s time to think about the best holiday destinations and finding the best business class deals. Whether you embrace the stay-cation or prefer to jet off abroad, here are our top five holiday destinations for 2015.

1. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a home to the best preserved collection of modernist architecture in the world. If you want to immerse yourself in Golden-era Hollywood glamour, then Palm Springs is the right place to visit. You will have the opportunity to visit a host of iconic houses and neighborhoods.


2. Croatia

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones and just wanted to visit the place where they shot the series, Croatia is the destination for you. This country has the reputation of being the festival capital of Europe so if you are a party lover, this place is just for you. The newest event this summer is known as Croatia Rocks, which will be held on  Zrce beach on Pag Island. Summer is definitely the season for Croatia.


3. Mons, Belgium

Mons is a spectacular hilltop city, which serves as a place of pilgrimage since the 7th century. It is the joint 2015 European Capital of Culture and Planning, plus lots of innovations in terms of urban art. There a whopping five new museums, a literary open-air café and several concerts.


4. Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is super-smart and the hottest destination in Morocco. Its restaurants have fabulous views of the crashing waves and the beaches are excellent and spacious. Moroccans are friendly and you will love the many things in Essaouira. This place is the most intriguing for traveler, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon before it is too late.


5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers high octane thrills mixed with lashings of nature, with everything from hummingbird sanctuaries to live volcanoes. In fact, more than half of the country is covered in lush forest and there are over 60 national parks and game reserves. You will surely love Costa Rica.


How to land the Best Business Class Deals

Many travelers are wondering where they can get cheap business class fares. Most of the time luxury seems completely unaffordable, however, if you plan things carefully, you can land some seriously amazing business class deals.


Utilise online agents

Outsource the hard work to agents that can find the best business class deals for you.

Look for a Y-Up Fare

The Y-Up fares are priced like a coach ticket, but place you in a business class. It is the industry best kept secret. Ask for Y-Up fare, especially when travelling at the last minute.

Be flexible

Prices vary considerably on different days and times of the week, so the more flexible you are with dates and times of travel the more deals may be available.

Check out Lesser-Known Airlines

If you are travelling to anywhere in the world, consider flying on a lesser known airline. Sometimes such airlines offer cheap business class deals to rival large and well-known airlines.

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