Tips & Tricks to Make Business Travel as Easy as Possible


For a frequent flier there is one word that is always in their mind while on the road – efficiency. If you are a business traveler trying to get from SFO to JFK, DFW, MIA, TOL, ORD, and back to San Francisco within the week, you are looking to do so in the most efficient manner possible. That means quickly, easily, and whenever it’s possible, at a low cost. Typically a seasoned vet of the skies has built up a library of knowledge full of tips for traveling, however for someone just starting out it is tough to tease out the good advice from the useless. Luckily, we have put together a list of the Top 11 tips for the most efficient travel in the skies.


Sign Up for Global Entry


This is number one priority for those long haul, intercontinental trips. We lose countless hours to waiting in security lines as frequent fliers, but with Global Entry you can cut that time more than in half! If you’re flying at least once a week, this will be more than worth the application time you spend.


Loyalty goes a Long Way


Frequent fliers are often under the assumption that in order to get any of those loyalty rewards, must be completely faithful to one airline or company. This is untrue; while being a part of one airline’s rewards program can be beneficial, it is also a great option to get points through travel rewards credit cards, which give you points for any airline you like.


Use the power of negotiation


When you get to your final destination and head over to get your rental car, it can be pretty disappointing to see that your car isn’t exactly a beauty. If you’re unhappy, say so. Ask your carrier for an upgrade, and politely talk about negotiations on that price. Often carriers will start high with their quotes and work lower to the savvy customer; remember, these places want your loyalty so they want you to leave their offices happy.


You can get points all over, not just in the airport


We talked earlier about using a travel rewards card instead of depending solely on loyalty programs, well as an added tip to that strategy –be sure to use that card for everyday spending, rather than just travel costs. Using your rewards card for things like grocery and filling up your tank can add up to a leisure trip for you a lot faster than you would think!


Sore? Tennis balls help!


This tip really is one that is tough to come by as a newbie jet setter. It is likely that with spending your time in a cramped window seat or a rigid terminal chair your legs are going to start to hate you.  To make your legs happy again, grab a tennis ball and roll it under your feet, on your thighs as well. It will rub out your pain, keep you feeling fresh, and costs a heck of a lot less than some contraption from an online store.


Utilize your technology


Everyone has a smart phone these days. If you don’t have one yet you should probably stop reading this list and go out and buy yourself one. Now, the rest of you smartphone owning readers, utilize this technology for your jet setting lifestyle: There are so many apps out there that can help you keep track of what you’re doing in the skies; namely, counting up those miles for you. Don’t depend on your credit card carrier or airline to tell you when you have enough miles to meet your goals –be sure for yourself and use an app to calculate your miles yourself.


Find a packing routine and stick to it


Everyone is different, and each trip you take might call for different items and clothing. However, it is important to develop a few simple strategies to streamline your packing process. Always be sure to consider the weather when deciding what to pack, and pack versatile clothing that be swapped out with other items to create brand new outfits. When actually packing, roll your clothing as well, you can fit a lot more into smaller spaces this way.


Squeaky wheel gets the oil


During in-flight meals, it can often feel like getting served takes almost as long as the flight itself! Little known secret: when you order a special meal, i.e. vegan, those meals get rolled out first! So make it a specialty meal, and finish your meal before your neighbor even receives his.


Jet lag is real, avoid it!


Always, always, always, go to sleep at a normal time when arriving at your destination. If that means walking around like a zombie all day, so be it. Staying awake and going to bed at a normal local hour can ensure that jet lag stays away from you. Drinking lots of water before and during your trip can also stave off weariness.


Charge up!


Earlier we talked about using your technology to help you travel more efficiently, another extra tip related –charge your devices! It may seem like a no brainer, but we use our devices so much and take for granted that they will always be charged. Sure, there are charging stations at airports, but they are often crowded and inconvenient, so charge up before you take off!


Upgrade your stay, the smart way!


Lastly, another tip on negotiations but this time at your hotel; when business isn’t exactly busy at a hotel there are tons of empty suites and nicer rooms available. Hotels don’t think you know this, but again, these places want your loyalty and want you to walk away raving about how great their service was. So when the front desk isn’t busy, go over and suggest that you aren’t exactly comfortable in your room and would like to be upgraded; often hotels will commit to this upgrade at no additional charge to you!


Put these tips to good use on your next business trip. Book with letsflycheaper.com to get great deals on your business class tickets.