The Healthier Side of Las Vegas

Las Vegas. No doubt all you can think of is a stretch of desert land dotted with casinos and hotels. And why not? It, being, after all, the entertainment capital of the world, should boast nothing short than its reputation- endless parties, poker games and high-calorie, mouth-watering dishes. Travelling to Las Vegas means going to Sin City.

Or does it? There’s been a talk of a shift in the focus lately. While casinos and hotels will always stand as Las Vegas’ tourism representations, another, healthier side of Las Vegas- and Nevada in general, is emerging.

Don’t fence me in

The reputation of Nevada has a lot to do with what’s going on in Las Vegas. They’re trying to avoid the stereotype, though, by implementing tourism campaigns in the hopes of attracting tourists not by only by the prospect of parties and casinos, but of spas, adventures and healthy food- wellness in general.

Las Vegas is doing their fair share in this effort. Where better to advertise this ‘other side’ but in its jampacked streets? And where better to start applying these efforts but in its giant establishments?

Adapting to your Lifestyle

Going to ‘Vegas’ isn’t all about casinos now. If you’re a health conscious individual, there are places perfect for you here.

Last year, the Monte Carlo started holding weekly yoga classes every 8AM on Saturdays. With a seasoned instructor like Alicia Goldsmith, a fluctuating number of participants go through a guided meditation right at the center of the Las Vegas strip. Yoga mats are no problem-Monte Carlo provides them. You’ll probably find a lot of company when you’re there, from fellow tourists to casino attendees. You’re all just looking for one thing really- a break from the usual hustle of a metropolis.

If you’d prefer a good body shake than the more soothing yoga, Bellagio awaits you with their extensive ‘Fitness Menu’ which includes Zumba, Boot Camp, and Pilates.

Spa Capital of the World

Not a title you’d probably ascribe to a place like Las Vegas. Think again. There are more than 45 spas within the city’s resorts now, and counting. Looking into spas’ success figuratively, Las Vegas has seen a rise from 3% to 7% of time spent by people visiting spas, with the millennial generation topping the list. If the income stream goes steadily, spas won’t just be an added service but will be a thriving industry in Nevada. Among the most notable Las Vegas Spas include the Canyon Ranch Club, Caesars Palace Qua Spa, and the Cosmopolitan’s Sahra Spa.

An extensive array of spa amenities within its 134,000 foot square makes Canyon Ranch Club at the Venetian the biggest in the spa industry within the .US., offering services from massage to fitness classes.Their amenities also include Aquavana facilities- posh thermal baths where you have the option of changing your ‘environment’ to let’s say, a seaside setting, with waves crashing against stones. The hotel caters to more or less 1000 appointments a day, while four diamond luxury hotel Caesars Palace is visited roughly 100,000 times every year. It boasts of its glamourous, roman-styled Qua baths & Spa, soothing you while you stay in the Arctic Room or just let waters do their healing powers in the baths.

Sahra Spa brings the mystic beauty of desert into the mix, and they have a serenity lounge- Space Between- where you can calm down at the background of falling waters. Try the steam rooms for a different experience altogether.

Other hotels offer unique perks- Nobu hotel with it’s selection of pillows, MGM Grand suites with their Vitamin C-rich showers and systems that purify air in their Stay Well rooms. MGM Grand’s done so great so far that the hotel’s management is adding more rooms to cater to the tourist influx.

Travelling to Las Vegas

With all these adjustments going on, you get the best both worlds up here. You’ll enjoy the lively, luxurious atmosphere in its casinos, restaurants and resorts- minus wellness related guilts. It’s the other way around now- establishments are adjusting to people’s lifestyles.

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