Smart Packing for Your Next Business Trip


The business world is a place of movers and shakers. Corporate business is a mobile workplace in this day and age, so travel is essential to success. Whether it’s a red eye to Cleveland from JFK, or a multiple stop week in SFO, HOU, and AUS, it’s a seemingly nonstop job. The fast paced life of a jet-setting businesswoman or man, can often times be hectic. Presentations to perfect, people to meet, reports to finish, and other travel concerns such as booking hotels and flights are quite time consuming and very stressful. Adding to that stress is packing for all these trips! There is a lot to consider when packing for a business trip; length of stay, weather, convenience of luggage, and events to attend. It can be quite cumbersome to try to fit everything you need into luggage for one trip.

There are a few tips though, to ease this process.

  • Keep it simple

On any business trip efficiency is the number one priority. In order to be sleek and efficient out on the road, or up in the skies rather, less is more. One small carry on bag is ideal for these reasons. First, cost; if you check a bag you will need to pay for that checked bag on most, if not all airlines. At $25.00 per checked bag, and perhaps 50 to 60 trips a year, this seemingly small cost can run up to $1,500 annually. Also, lost time. When you check a bag, this means that no matter how early you are able to check-in to your flight online, you will still be required to stand in line with everyone else upon arrival at the airport. These lines, during peak hours, can cost you an hour or more of precious time. What’s more, when you arrive at your destination you will need to wait at baggage claim for your luggage. This can take another 15-20 minutes, which does add up over a period of time where you are flying frequently. Not efficient. A small carry on ensures that you will save money, take advantage of those early check-ins and spend more time in airport lounges, less time in line, and more time getting to that meeting, rather than waiting at baggage claim.

  • Streamline your wardrobe

Now that you have selected that wonderful little suitcase to tote with you across the country, it is time to decide what you will put inside of it. Depending on the length, some trips may be more difficult to pack for than others. A few things to consider when packing are the events you will likely be attending, the local weather, and if you will need to wash your clothes. When packing clothing it is important not to bring an outfit perday, but rather a few items that can be interchanged to create multiple different outfits. Cardigans and blazers are a great way to change up what you have already worn without having to bulk your limited space. Dressing for weather is also important, if you’re headed to Boston in January from Tampa you are going to want a good winter coat and appropriate shoes for your trip, otherwise the commute can be qute unpleasant. As far as footwear, one pair of casual shoes for your plane ride, and one pair for business wear will suffice. It helps to use athletic shoes as your casual pair, this way they can double their use as your workout shoes as well.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

Other considerations for your travel may be toiletries. Often hotels will offer complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and body wash; use these as much and as often as possible, as they are sometimes difficult to travel with. Other toiletries such as razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and others are also often provided at a small cost at many hotels. These types of expenses are small, and worth it, in relation to the extra space you will gain in your luggage. 

These trips are stressful enough as it is, packing should not have to be another item on your to-do list that you dread. Using these basic tips can help you getting into the air in a timely manner without forgetting any of the essentials, and ensuring a great trip ahead. If you’re looking to save money on your next business class flight, contact the experts at letsflycheaper.com.