JFK’s Fabulous New Spaces for Four-Legged Friends

Flying felines and your best friend Fido have typically not been at the top of the priority list when it comes to planning long haul air travel. From small quarters in-flight to the lackluster accommodations in the terminals we fly out of, our pets do not get the same treatment that we do. In New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport, that is about to change.




Currently in place for pets is the Vetport. This in-house shelter is dedicated to the animals traversing the country with their human. It hasn’t been updated for quite some time, though. So, the powers that be at JFK have decided it is time; and this isn’t just any update. The old Vetport is being transformed into the “ARK,” a sprawling, nearly 200-square-foot terminal that will, like the Vetport, be exclusive to animals. The first of its kind. The cost? A cool $48 million for our four-legged counterparts.


Racebook Capital is putting this project together and is raving about all the services the ARK will give to animals. While the purpose of the ARK is basically to board and, when necessary, quarantine animals, in reality it is going to be a 5-star resort for pets. This animal terminal is open 24-hours a day, and will provide full service, including a veterinary hospital, to import and export pets, horses, birds, and livestock.


For the domestic animals, dogs specifically, there will be a 20,000-square-foot section of the terminal coined cleverly, “Paradise 4 Paws”. The terminal will be decked out with flat-screens, and webcams that give humans the ability to check in on how they’re pets are doing after they are dropped off.


For the more “exotic” animals, i.e. horses, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, and even penguins, there will be the same full service-24 hour service. This includes individual stalls decked out with showers and even a space dedicated for penguins to get cozy and mate!


This terminal will hopefully set a new standard for what is appropriate lodging for our traveling pets. Not only that, but JFK and the creators of this terminal stand to make a hefty profit, with the cost of a stay at the ARK hovering around $100 a night!


A Much Needed Breath of Fresh Air from JetBlue Airlines


People should love airports. They are the gateways to travel and life experiences that are amazing and life changing. Unfortunately, most people don’t. Airports aren’t a place that we look forward to spending time in, long layovers and delays are the bane of your existence if you’re trying to make a cross country trip. At JFK, developers are looking to change that. Currently, airports are full of recycled air, fluorescent lights, and screaming children. Not to mention that we have to say goodbye to our furry friends in the terminals. JetBlue is trying to change that. In their terminal at NYC’s JFK Airport, JetBlue is set to introduce a rooftop park for all passengers, including pets!


This 4,046-square foot park will be just what you’re looking for once you walk through security, or have a long layover with your children and/or pets. There will be a playplace for children, green space, great views of the city, and seating for up to 50 people.


The most important differentiations this park has in comparison to others like it, across the nation, are that 1) it is beyond the security check. No more rushing through your enjoyment of green space to get through that long security line and 2) it is open to all passengers, not only VIP or Preferred members of a specific airline.


In other similar green spaces across the nation, there is availability for pets to access the area, however the problem has been that these areas are before the security check.  So allowing your pets to relieve themselves, or enjoying these parks is really not a convenient option at all.  


Making this space accessible to at JetBlue passengers will also do a lot of good for not only the airline, but its customers as well. It is being said that people will want to spend time in this park even if they have no place to go, so having access to this space as a regular, average, JetBlue customer is key to making the space an incentive for flying JetBlue.


Hopefully, someday every airport will have the type of accommodations JFK is setting up for the furry companions we all love so much. That day might not even be too far off; San Diego International Airport is currently looking into creating their own outdoor space as well.
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