Business Class to Riga

Riga is the capital city of Latvia, and considered the largest city in the country as well. It is a leading industrial, commercial and financial center with one of the busiest and most important seaports in Daugava. Riga’s historical center is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site, noted for its unparalleled new German art architecture the world has ever seen. Its new form of architecture is the only one in the world. Riga is very popular for its 13th century cathedral, The Dome Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in the Baltic. Also a famous historical building in the city is the St Peters Lutheran Church, a medieval church that is home to the Freedom Monument, the symbol of Latvia’s freedom and independence.

Traveling to the city of Riga will not be complete without visiting these other main city attractions including the Riga Open-Air Ethnographic, Art Nouveau Architecture Gallery, the red brick 12th century Dom Cathedral, the 13th century Riga Castle, the Central Market, the Museum of the Occupation of Riga that features the history of the city under the Nazi’s and Soviet Russians, the classic car Motor Museum, the Riga Castle, the third highest European building Riga Radio and TV Tower, Riga Circus, and the Riga Zoo and Mežaparks or Forest Park with a beautiful Ferris wheel among so many other wonderful sights. You can also find the oldest garden in the city called the Vērmanes Garden if you wanted to take a relaxing walk while enjoying the sights and sounds of the cityscapes.

Riga Travel Guide

There are also grand and humble accommodations that you can easily find in the city center so staying in Riga is going to a memorable and exciting one. There are also shops where you can do your shopping and bargain hunting or enjoy the delicious dishes from various restaurants in the city that offers delectable dishes locally and internationally. For a satisfying nightlife, you can easily find strips of bars, cafes, clubs and pubs in and around the city. The people of Riga are very accommodating and you will surely make some new friends here during your stay.

Climate: The city of Riga’s climate is classified as humid continental that brings moderate weather patterns all year round. The daily temperatures are influenced by its closeness to the sea. The coldest days and nights in the city can be experienced on the months of January and February. Te city also experiences frequent autumn rain falls and thick fogs. Snow falls continue without end for straight 100 days. Summer season in Riga is warm and humid and the temperature can shoot up to 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transportation: Public transport in the city of Riga is relatively cheap and it is comprised of trams, buses, mini-buses and trolley buses. Metered taxis provide service 24 hours a day. Taxis are grouped into two, the licensed taxi cabs with yellow plate numbers and the unlicensed taxis that provide a kind of car-rental-like service and so fare be must be negotiated with the driver beforehand. Ferries are also available and these are used to transport commuters going to other cities and countries in the Baltic.

Business Class to Riga
Once you finally arrive in the city of Riga you will be accommodated at the Riga International Airport. Although it was a business class flight you are still going to be very tired because of the time differences, therefore it is best to book a private chauffeur service so that you do not have to wait for a taxi to pick you up and drop you off at your five star luxury hotel. Hotel Bergs offers great service by the wonderful team and a comfortable business class nights rest. Call and speak to one of our agents to get you the cheapest business class flights to Riga.


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