Business Class to Moscow

Everyone knows where Russia is. With Moscow as its capital, this country has become an even more wonderful place to visit. There are hundreds of adventures you can fulfill with your family and friends here. There are famous attractions from all angles of the area. Once you are in Moscow you can keep in touch with history by touring in its many magnificent attractions such as the Kremlin and the Red Square. Other famous infrastructures that surround the city of Moscow include St. Basil’s Cathedral, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Novodevichy Convent, Bolshoy Theatre, and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

What makes Moscow a great and surprising place to visit is that it is also showered with numerous educational and scientific institutions as well as a bevy of sports facilities. When it comes to dining and drinking, this place has the best restaurants and the most unforgettable Russian delicacies. Being a major city has its advantages because the food selections here are varied. From Chinese to French cuisines, Moscow has all the kind of food that can satisfy any traveler’s palette. Apart from amazing restaurants, it also has world class hotels that can bring you the best and most relaxing amenities and services.

Moscow Travel Guide

Climate: Moscow has a humid continental climate. It has warm and humid summers and long cold winters. June, July, and August are the warm months. Snow starts to cover this amazing city on November and starts to melt in March. Whatever the weather is in Moscow you will still enjoy its wonders and beauty.

Transportation: Getting to Moscow or going around it is no big deal. The moment you arrive in the airport you can choose from a variety of cars in the facility. There are standard, business, and VIP vehicles. You can even choose to ride in the minibus for an even more socialized journey to the wonderful city. You can also avail of tour packages that offer you transfer within Moscow. Whether you tour the city by train or by car, you will surely have a great time enjoying the sites and the people of Moscow.

With a large variety of museum Moscow has to offer, like many other cities, there are a few notable ones. For example, the Tretyakov Gallery which was founded by a man who had a heart for art and donated a large collection of his items. Other museums include, The Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow International House of Music, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, and the Moscow State Historical Museum. Although the fountain in the Square of Europe is not a museum, it still is a scenic view for many tourists.

Moscow Business Travel Tips

As a business class traveler you will be arriving at the four great accommodating international airports available in Moscow, the Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo International Airport, Ostafyevo International Airport or Vnukovo International Airport. Since you will be touring Moscow, you may want rest first by staying at the only hotel in the city that offers a personal butler service in its accommodation and suites, the Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel. Also using the best limousine service in Moscow can guarantee you with a business class feel anytime you’re out of the hotel. For the cheapest business class flights to Moscow call and speak to one of our expert travel agents


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