Business Class to Copenhagen

Located between the islands of Amager and Zealand, is Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and has a population of almost 2 million. It is a modern metropolis of many districts and its abundant parks, water and bicycle paths set its distinct image from other cities in Denmark. This Danish city is surrounded by three pristine sandy beaches that stretch for 8 kilometers which is a few minutes from the city center either by foot or bicycle.

The beautiful Amager Strandpark located within the vicinity of the three beaches includes an artificial island that measures 2 kilometers long. Its beaches have won international awards for its magnificent design including a system of Harbour Baths along the waterfront of the city. This city is definitely a wonderful summer getaway for you and your family.

Copenhagen is popular for its best tasting beers where the internationally famous brewed beers Carlsberg of Carlsberg Breweries are made and produced. There are many a varied mix of different attractions and activities that you surely enjoy in the city and its cobblestone streets, old Danish houses and historic buildings are great sights itself, not to mention the modern attractions that are added almost every year.
The Little Mermaid statue in the Langelinie harbor is a favorite by tourists. If you want to learn more about the history of Denmark and its people, the Copenhagen City Museum and shops and entertainment with a carnival-like appeal. To delve deeper into Danish history the Prince’s Palace’s National Museum are the best places to visit. The Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen are famous for its theme park and entertainment complexes that draw in more than 3 million visitors every year.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife in the city with only the best tasting beers, the Nyhavn Canal is going to be a fun and exciting experience for its long line of bars. This entertainment district is called the “Longest Bar in Scandinavia”. Other major attractions that you must not miss are the Rosenborg Castle, Freetown Christiania, Christiansborg Palace among many others.

Climate: The city of Copenhagen experiences mild temperatures all year round, whatever season it may be. Residents always enjoy pleasant weather that never gets too hot during the summer season and not too cold during the winter months. Rain fall that are scattered all throughout the year are always moderate. The city always has a gloomy weather meaning grey skies are a common sight all throughout the year.

Transportation: Copenhagen has very reliable, clean, affordable and safe public transport services such as the Metro or trains and buses that operate via a one-fare system, meaning tickets fares are accepted in all these public transports. Night buses are efficient and trains operate all night long on Fridays and Saturdays. Tourists are encouraged to get the “Copenhagen Card” to get rides in public transports and entry in most major tourist spots in the city for free. Bicycles are still the most loved form of transport in the city especially for locals. Cycles taxis are also available and very cheap for tourists.

Presently the largest city in Denmark with almost a two million population, Copenhagen is popular for its culture, business, media, and science. It is continually renowned for its environmentally friendly metropolis’ and the quality of life. The architecture in Copenhagen traces back to the early 19th century and provides stunning ancient buildings in the Fredricksstaden district as well as the Middelalderbyen. Plenty of greenery can be found in Copenhagen’s large parks and gardens.

One of which, the garden of Rosenborg Castle proposes the oldest of the city’s parks and has gained many tourists overtime. If you’re looking for a way to soak up the sun, Amager Strandpark offers a 2 km island and plenty of water and sand.

Museums are dispersed across Copenhagen with a collection of international cultures and traditions. The largest being the National Museum, which focuses on Archeology and the cultural history of Denmark. On the more artistic note, the National Gallery carries many collections tracing from the 12th century until present day. The Copenhagen Opera House is the national opera house of Denmark and serves as one of the most contemporary opera houses today.

In July, the city of Copenhagen transforms into a jazz arena. Residents and tourist come to watch the different jazz bands and enjoy the festivities. Overshadowing most of the Scandinavian cities, Copenhagen offers 13 Michelin star restaurants since the year 2009. While there, be sure to try Carlsberg beer which is brewed in Germany.

Copenhagen Business Travel Tips

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