Business Class to Cairns

Due to the number of visits Cairns has, mainly because of the Great Barrier Reef, it is surely a tourist destination and a popular one at that. If you are into diving, snorkeling and cruising you are sure to put Cairns on the top of your list as well.

There are a number of local groups who offer tour, diving, snorkeling and cruising service in and around the Great Barrier Reef that you won’t have difficulty getting to see the number one destination in Cairns. Choosing which operator to provide what will be the challenging task. While you’re there, you can also go see the Cairns Foreshore Promenade to do other water related activities and then some. This location is endowed with a 4800 square meter saltwater swimming lagoon. If you are likewise a health buff and would like to do other activities as exercise, you can rollerblade, cycle or walk around the Esplanade Walking Trail. Great restaurants and shops also line this walk so when you feel like rewarding yourself, these places is open until the wee hours.

There’s more walking to do in trails that can be found throughout the Mt. Whitfield Conservation Park. By choosing to walk either the one hour Red Arrow Trail or the three and a half hour Blue Arrow Trail, there are spots where you can stop to take pictures or just enjoy the view of Cairns, the Trinity Inlet and the coast. In the northwest of the city center, you may come upon Flecker Botanic Gardens. This is a wondrous rainforest here and there dotted with plots of bush-tucker plants. Another trail goes through here and it is called the Gondwanan Evolutionary Trail. You can get to see tropical plants as old as the blue green algae to the plants of today, the angiosperms.

Cairns Travel Guide

There are three main museums and galleries in Cairns. These are the Cairns Museum, Cairns Regional Gallery and the Tjapuki Cultural Park. At the Cairns Museum, displays of life in the Far North can be seen. The building of this museum is history itself as the School of Arts building was built in 1907 and features a wide beautiful veranda. The Cairns Regional Gallery exhibits indigenous works of art. Their collection consists of works by Brett Whiteley, Donald Friend and Russell Drysdale. The Tjapukai Cultural Park showcases indigenous culture with show business. The Creation Theatre is the main even here telling the story of creation with holograms and actors.

Climate: If you choose to visit Cairns, be prepared for really hot weather. The average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius at its highest and the humidity reaches 62%. As a whole, the climate consists of blue skies, warm weather and gentle breezes in the dry seasons of June to October.

Transportation: You can get around the city by taking the bus, renting a car or motorcycle or going by train. You can also get rides via these transport systems to go to nearby cities like Brisbane. To get to Cairns itself, the fastest way is by air.

When travelers think of Cairns what comes to mind is, beautiful beaches, the bright blue water, and incredible weather, that is exactly what to expect. Take a great adventure with swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. With Deep Sea Divers Den you can experience the Great Barrier Reef like you have never before. Deep sea diving is the greatest experience; everyone must try it is a once in a life time. If you looking for an out of the box experience and an adrenaline rush, then Skyline Cairns is the place to be. Skyline Dive is basically sky diving. If you are traveling with kids Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon is a great place to take the children. Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon is a beach and an amusement park. What is great about this place is that it is free, and it is right in the heart of the city so other attractions are close by.

Cairns Business Travel Tips

Cairns Airport is the 7th biggest Airport in Australia. It is 4.3 miles North of Cairns central business district. Business travelers will have to drive to the city or rent a chauffeur to tour them around. To find out how to get cheap business class flights to Cairns, call one of our travel experts and they can guide you how to pay 50% of the ticket price.


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