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Athens; The city of ancient wisdom. It was here where modern civilization began. Gods once roamed this sacred land. Its beauty lies in its people and magnificent scenery. When visiting Athens, you have to see the Acropolis of Athens yourself.  It is also known as the “sacred Rock” of Athens and it is one of the most memorable sites in the world.

People come to the Netherlands by the millions each year for its many beautiful sights and sounds. And, during the months of April and May they come to see the tulips bloom at their finest, as tulips and daffodils burst into the most vibrant and wonderful display of colors.

The City itself has different styles of Architecture, from Greco Roman, Neo Classical to Modern structures. The beauty of the city is that all these Architecture styles can be found close together in the same area. The lack of uniformity gives you a good opportunity to truly feel and understand the history of Athens. You really get a sense of ancient Athens, just by looking at the buildings.

Athens was once overtaken by Roman and Byzantine Rule and still retains its artifacts. While the Olympics were forgotten for a long time, Athens did host the first modern day Olympics in 1896 and hosted it as recently as 2004.

Athens Travel Guide

Climate: Athens experiences long hot summer Mediterranean days with the greatest amounts of rain from October to early April. Because of its location, Athens is much drier than the rest of Mediterranean Europe.

Transportation: You can get around in Athens by the following ways: Athens Metro (Attiko Metro), Electric Railway (ISAP), Subarban Rail (Proastiakos), Buses (Ethel) and the Trams (Athens Tram SA). It is easy to find your way throughout the city with a good map and the people will always guide you when you can’t find your way.

Business travelers will find Athens, currently the largest city and the capital of Greece, the most interesting City, a center of Art, learning, Philosophy, home of Plato’s Academy, and Aristotle’s In 2008 Athens was ranked the world’s 32nd richest city. Athens dominates the Attica periphery and is the world’s oldest city. Records show that Athens history dates back to 3,400 years. It is widely as the beginning of western civilization and birthplace of democracy. Athens is the home of the National Archeological Museum, featuring the world’s largest collection of ancient Greek artifacts. It is the most important museum in all of Athens. Its artifacts date back to 5,000 years old, starting from Neolithic Age and Roman Greece.

For many years Athens has been a popular destination for travelers. Business travelers would be interested to visit Appointments at Five. Appointments at Five, directly imports English and Country French antiques. Appointment at Five is a great place to spend time with Family, to look around and enjoy Greece’s traditional Antiques. The Byzantine and the Christian Museum is also one of Athens important museums. This Museum includes artifacts from the Byzantine and Christian era.

Athens has hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice, once in the year of 1896 and in 2004. The Summer 2004 Olympics inspired the development of Athens Olympic Stadium, which has the reputation of being the world’s most beautiful stadia. This would be a great place to take the kids and enjoy family bonding time. This is a must see place.

Business Travel Tips

Those looking for business class to Athens we are pleased to say that Athens International Airport, offers great accommodations. Business class travelers may be interested to stay King George Palace. While your stay in Athens make a stop at Acropolis of Athens.


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