Getting Around in Vienna


Planning a trip to Vienna in the near future? Well, what’s your plan when you get there? You might have come up with a detailed itinerary to make your visit memorable. As your departure date draws near, do you have any idea how to get around the city? Read on.
Public Transportation
Whether you go to the city’s historic buildings or you want to visit the Vienna Woods, you might want to consider Vienna Transport as the best option to help you get there. You can take a ride on the large transit network, or choose a bus or streetcar, or bus. Any of these public transportation systems is safe for your travel. One tip. Keep in mind that Vienna has a uniform fare that is applicable to all forms of public transportation. It is advisable that you buy tickets in advance in order to save yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city. Regardless of the type of vehicle you choose to ride, do take note that once a ticket is stamped either by a railway attendant or machine, it will be applicable for a single trip in only one direction.
Subway or the U-Bahn is a speedy way to get around the city of Vienna. This subway has 5 lines namely U1, U2, U3, U4, and U6. Meanwhile, you should beware that Karlsplatz is the most significant underground station for those who want to make their Vienna visit hassle-free.
Street car
Street car is also another option in getting around in Vienna. You can take a ride on the red-and-white trams. It is usually preferred by lots of tourists and locals alike due to the fact that it’s not only a practical means to get around but also a fun way to explore the city. Apart from that, everything is so well streamlined. For example, tram stops are clearly and properly marked. Keep in mind that every line represents a certain letter or number.
Aside from subway and street car, buses are also an efficient transport system in Vienna. Buses usually traverse the city in all directions, with daily operation and even at night. If you want to explore the city during the night, keep in mind that night buses usually leave ten to thirty minutes from Schwedenplatz. It’s not usually necessary to change lines too often.
Vienna Card
If you want to get the most of your Vienna travel, you might want to consider getting a Vienna card. It is an ideal ticket that you can use when you travel by means of public transportation within the territory of the city. It is very flexible and at the same time functional for locals and tourists because it allows you to enjoy unlimited travel, along with various discounts at different city shops, restaurants and museums.
You can easily find a taxi within the city. However, do take note that that fares can add up very quickly depending on pickup and dropoff locations. You can identify taxi stands through marked signs. If you’re a newbie in taxi, the basic fare of taxis in Vienna is 2.50€ ($4). If you prefer night rides, or city trips during Sunday and big holidays, you can expect a surcharge of 1€.

Other Options
Apart from the mentioned transport systems above, you can also get around the city by means of bicycle, car and car rentals. Whatever you choose, make sure that you research enough about the fare, ticket system, etc. in order to make things go smoothly as much as possible. This will not just save you from the hassle but can also save you money.