Getting Around in Hong Kong


If you’re considering a trip to Hong Kong, take a moment to read our brief summary of the transportation options available in this compact and densely populated city. It might just save you some stress.

Public Transportation
Actually, every mode of transportation in the city including, bus, ferry, subways, trams and train, operate independently. With that being said, each system requires a new ticket every time you want to transfer from one system to another. If you will be travelling to Hong Kong, the most convenient option for is none other than Octopus. Just in case you are not aware, it is an electronic smart card that enables you to hop on trams, trains, ferries, subways and buses without having to purchase tickets every time.

Star Ferry
Another popular transports system in the city is Star Ferry. These boats have been in operation since 1888 and tens of millions of people a year still sail on them. This is certainly one of the more picturesque ways to view the harbor. And it is reliable and efficient as well.

Another excellent option is Mass Transit Railway. This modern transport system in Hong Kong is not only efficient and clean but it is also very easy to use. Apart from that, it is also faster compared to other Hong Kong transportation systems. However, bear in mind that toilets are not available at stations or on trains. Also, eating, smoking and drinking are not allowed.

Alternatively, you have the chance of getting around Hong Kong using one-way tickets which usually start at HK$4. However, do take note that the rate could increase depending on the distance traveled, though the most expensive is to travel below the harbor. For senior citizens who are 65 and older, as well as children ages three to eleven, fares typically start at HK$3. If you are going to long distances, a good thing here is that transportation is considerably cheap in the city.

Riding on a Hong Kong bus is also a delight. The city boasts British-style double-decker buses that are fun and convenient. This type of bus transport system is perfect for those who want to go to places that are not accessible through other forms of transport system. One tip. You need to prepare exact fare. Having said that, you also need to make sure that have plenty of spare change. Another option is to buy an Octopus card.

By Tram
Aside from buses, trains and subways, Tram lines are also great way of getting around the Hong Kong Island. Originally, these lines were used as a waterfront. These double-decker lines clash their way ten miles when in a straight line. You will definitely love the atmosphere every time you take the ride and explore the beauty of the city. Apart from that, convenience is also within your reach. It is very easy to ride since most of Tram lines travel at a single line. Aside from the convenience, you can also make sure that you are safe all throughout the trip.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are lots of amazing things that you can see and experience in Hong Kong. Whether you are travelling to the city for a short or long stay, make sure that you know beforehand which transport system suits your particular needs. In this way, you can make sure that everything will be fine. Hence, know the different ways of getting around in Hong Kong and you’ll leave with lots of good memories.