Five Tips for Business Class Traveler

Travelling business class already comes with a myriad of luxuries but today’s business relentlessly takes things to the next frontier. Never has this been truer in the avian arts. Here are Five Tips for Business Class Traveler that will undoubtedly elevate the flying experience.

  1. Fight Jet Lag
    Not only is the jet-lagged traveler fatigued and irritable but this flight-induced condition also impacts cognitive functioning. Flying west to east requires our biological clock to adjust to a longer day; getting late-afternoon to early-evening sun can help you adjust. Also avoid overconsumption of alcohol or caffeine prior to arriving as these beverages are notorious for causing dehydration and sleep disturbance. Lastly, adopt the local lifestyle as quickly as you can so your body can fight jet-lag.
  1. Get Organized with Mobile Apps
    Travel has moved into the mobile realm and business traveler are reaping all of the benefits.

    Start with logging your flight into Tripit. This app keeps all of your flight details organized, keeps you informed with the quickest updates, and alerts you if better deals are available. WorldMate takes the foundation of Tripit and extends to include deals on hotels, car rentals, local events, and tourist attractions.

    Losing luggage is at the top of the list when it comes to things that can ruin a trip. The engineers at Trakdot has solved this problem by developing a tracking system for your luggage similar to GPS tracking for your phone or pet. Simply place the attachment inside your luggage, sync with the app, and track your luggage while it travels.

  1. Fly with an Airline that Offers WiFi
    Wireless signals seem to be reaching farther and farther than ever before. Finally, with the introduction of in-flight wireless, traveler can keep connected on line while they’re in the air. To date there are only eight airlines that offer this convenience for free while many others offer the service for a small fee.
  1. Get an Expert
    With experts in the field that thrive on personalizing your flight plan, you can avoid the headache that comes with trying to negotiate for yourself. The web houses many agencies and sites that will offer the best available deals for your trip.
  1. Be in the Moment
    Too many times business traveler fly in and out of the world’s most beautiful destinations without taking in any of it. True, there is rarely any time to spare between conducting meetings and closing deals but after saving so much time following the first four of our tips, you are sure to have a few extra moments to seize.

Planning for travel can be stressful but being mindful of these tips during the process will alleviate much hassle. Even simpler, Let’s Fly Cheaper can ease your travel nerves by guaranteeing the lowest rates on first and business class flights. Customer service is also provided 24 hours a day to ensure piece of mind for their travelers.

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