World’s Most Luxurious Train Rides

seve2No long lines at the airport, no traffic jams, and no travel stress. While other modes of transportation may be speedier, trains allow travelers to get from one place to another in a more leisurely and relaxed way. Rather than being a means to an end, trains can be an integral part of the travel experience itself – especially when it comes to luxury travel. See some of the most luxurious train rides in the world. Welcome aboard this magical adventure!


Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe90

This train is not only one of the world’s most luxurious, it’s also one of the most iconic. Mystery lovers will recognize the name from Agatha Christie’s classic, “Murder on the Orient Express”. In the spirit of that era, this train was restored back to its 1920s glory – complete with polished wood facades and ornamented furniture that make guests feel like they are stepping back into The Golden Age of Travel. But even the sleek Art Deco decor can’t distract passengers from a peek out their windows. On the classic one-day journey from Venice to London, travelers are treated to gorgeous views of the Alps in Innsbruck as well as the rural French countryside.


Kyushu Seven Stars, Japanww

In contrast to Japan’s famous bullet trains, this “cruise train” doesn’t claim its fame from speed, but from luxury. The Seven Stars train takes passengers on a ride through Japan’s southern island of Kyushu and holds 14 luxury, 2 deluxe, and 3 presidential suites. It uses the latest motion control technology that counteracts swaying and bumping, leaving passengers with a smooth and sleep-filled ride. The interior design is a fusion of Western and Eastern styles that uses many different types of wood, creating a modern yet uniquely Japanese look. Natural attractions include a pass by Mt. Aso, one of the world’s largest volcanoes, as well as hot springs in Kirishima and Yufuin. Luckily, guests can view these sights from 5-foot high panoramic backview windows.


The Pride of Africa, South Africa4

Similar to the Orient Express, The Pride of Africa is a restored early-20th century carriages that provide an atmosphere of old elegance and class. The train ride begins in Pretoria, a northern city in South Africa, and ends on the coastal city of Cape Town. Even with it’s Edwardian period mahogany tables and Art Deco artwork, there’s of course modern luxuries like air conditioning and hot showers. Every room has 24-hour service and a mini-bar, and the few bars aboard has some of the world’s most famous wines. And you definitely won’t be able to forget to catch all the magical natural wonders of the African countryside, with the open air observation platform at the back.


Maharaja Express, Indiag

The Mahajara Express can certainly make anyone feel like they are traveling on in a palace with wheels! This amazingly lavish train has won the title of World’s Leading Luxury Train for years in a row now and travels through 12 different locations in India. The spacious cabins mean a much longer train containing two restaurants, two bars, a library, and a souvenior shop. The Presidential Suites contains two bedrooms (one with twin-beds and one with a double bed), two attached bathrooms, and a living/dining room with a dedicated butler. With its gorgeous hand-painted ceiling and colorful rugs, guests will certainly feel treated like royalty anywhere they travel on this train.


Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russiao

For many travelers, one off the bucket list is probably a journey on the famous Trans-Siberian Railroad. So why not do it in style? The Golden Eagle Railway provides a number of different routes, the longest being Moscow to Vladivostik which takes 7 days and covers over 6 thousand miles. Gold, Silver, and Imperial suites offer a 24-hour butler service and an en-suite bathroom with heated floors. There’s also an onboard piano player, multiple bars and restaurants, and panoramic windows to catch a glimpse at the expansive Russian countryside.


The Ghan, Australia3

The Ghan takes passengers on a transcontinental journey through the Australian Outback that is almost 2,000 miles long! Named after 19th-century outback camel drivers who hailed from Afghanistan, this 3 day, 2 night experience begins in Darwin and ends in Adaleine. As the most luxurious option, Platinum Class offesr an en-suite shower, a full-sized bed, and 24-hour room service. There’s also multiple restaurants that serve kangaroo filet as well as a plethora of local Australian wines. And when the train takes a pit stop, guests can take excursions like helicopter tours and guided walks.


Eastern and Oriental Express, Southeast AsiaEASTERN ORIENT EXPRESS

 Inspired by the famous 1932 film Shangai Express, this 1,255-mile long journey from Bangkok to Singapore stops at the Bridge on the River Kawi and Penang (The Jewel of the Orient). Although this journey can be done in a little more than two hours by plane, train guests get to check out the vibrant jungle, extensive rice farms, and plentiful coconut palms from the luxury of their own suite. The train includes 3 dining cars, 2 bars, a full library, and an observation deck. In the luxury suites, guests are treated to concierge service and fresh breakfast every morning.


Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru (opens May 2017)

Coming next year is the world’s highest rail route that will offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Introducing the Belmond Andea Explorer, a luxury travel train that will take passengers through the incredible Peruvian Andes Mountains. The train pulls out all the stops when it comes to extravagance, including 34 luxury bedrooms, two dining carts with all locally-sourced meals, and an entire observation carriage with an open air deck dedicated to scenic viewing. The modern interior design is dotted with traditional Peruvian textures and artwork, and many textiles are made from famous Peruvian Alpaca wool. Travelers pass by ruins of the Inca Empire and the beautiful Lake Titicaca, where guests can take an excursion to its islands.