Some Essential Mobile Apps for the International Traveler

With all the advances in technology it’s exciting and refreshing to know there is an app to suit just about every need. That especially rings true when it comes to international travel. Here are our 10 suggested free apps for your smartphone and tablet devices to make your trip easy and fun.


1. Viber –Viber for iPhone and  iOS lets you use your iPhone to make free calls and send free text messages to other Viber users on any device, network and country.


2. Weatherbug –Find out if you’ll need an umbrella or sun screen. Weatherbug is a great app to save, and track, the weather conditions in your area.


3. Tripit– Tripit helps you consolidate all your travel reservations (hotels, air, car rentals, etc). Simply forward all your travel reservations to plans@tripit.com andTripit builds an itinerary for you.


4. Google Translate -Not only does this app translate your sentences into various languages, but it also speaks them so you know how to pronounce the word as well.


5. XE Currency -XE Currency allows for very quick currency conversions. It is the ultimate currency converter.


6. Yelp –Yelp is one of the best apps for finding local businesses in your immediate area. It also supplies reviews from other Yelp users and a 5 star rating system as well as directions to your location of choice.


7. WiFi Finder –The name of this app says it all. If you feel the urge or need to check emails as well as your vast array of social media sites, Wi-Fi Finder can help you find over 320,000 registered Wi-Fi hotspots.


8. GateGuru –If you have some time to kill at the airport and want to find that airport’s best upscale amenities,  GateGuru is your answer. The app also provides terminal maps, security line wait times and the tracking of your flight.


10. Dropbox –Is a free cloud service that allows you to bring your photos, docs and videos anywhere and easily share them. You will never have to email yourself a file again.