Pack Smart and Efficient

Having the urge to pack your entire closet for a weekend getaway happens more than most travelers would like to admit. Perhaps it has to do with the lack of cleaning options at your destination so heaven forbid if you’re forced to wear the same shirt most of the day. Then again, you could simply be one of those travelers who mysteriously feels compelled to pack for the apocalypse. We have all seen them. We may even be one.


There are a few tips and guidelines you can follow to make the packing process a lot more efficient and less stressful. For starters, use common sense. What do you really need? What is excessive and what is essential? Everyone is different and we all have our certain needs. I always start my packing process a few days prior to my departure date. Personally, I hate feeling rushed when I’m going on a trip and I also find when you give yourself time you can gradually see what you do and don’t need. Last minute packers tend to over pack and forget those essential items.


Be sure to check the weather forecast at your destination. If it’s going to be warm and comfortable, there is no need to pack a heavy coat. Bring a sweatshirt or sweater to compensate for any cooling trend you might encounter. On the other hand if you’re heading to a cold destination, pack you heavy jacket in an efficient fold. I have always found it’s best to place the coat at the bottom. Bunching it up and shoving it into your luggage will literally eat up nearly 40% of your luggage space.


We all love to save money by bringing our own toiletries; however, they can get out of control if we aren’t thinking practically. I can’t count the amount of times I have seen passengers forced to dispose of those items over three ounces for when attempting to get them through their carry on. If you need to bring your entire bathroom sink you will have to check the bag. If you don’t like the option of those little travel size products and can spare the extra cash, buy what you need at your destination. This will save luggage space and the possibility of having to clean up a mess of exploding lotions and perfumes.


Your bag weight can be an issue, especially if it exceeds the 50 pounds most airlines are militant about. Anything over that will cost you an extra bag fee and on some occasions the airline may require you to purchase an overpriced bag at a duty free store to limit the load of the heavy bag. This has personally happened to me.


All in all, packing can and should be a fairly stress free thing. As long as you itemize and prioritize what you need in a timely manner.