New Travel Apps for the Busy Business Traveler

It seems there is an app for everything. In a sense that is true. Here at Lets Fly Cheaper we are constantly searching for apps that have value to the frequent business traveler. Today’s business travelers are connected to their mobile devices. Those devices are their lifelines to the world and most importantly to their day to day routines. Below is a list of some of the newest travel apps to hit the Android and Apple app stores.


Club Carlson

Club members of the hotel can now redeem points for stays at the Radisson, Country Inn and Suites, Park Inn and Park Plaza hotels. In addition they can explore the local area using interactive maps as well as sign up for express booking.  Free for iPad, iPhone, and Android.


Hyatt Hotels

You can connect to Hyatt’s concierge Twitter service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and check in before your arrival. Weather data is also available as well as access to your Hyatt Gold Passport account. Free for iPad, iPhone, and Android.


Marriot Mobile

Reserve rooms directly through your device to all of their 3600 hotels around the world. You call also browse the city guides and pictures of the properties and manage bookings and access to your Marriot Rewards account. Free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

W Hotels

Stream music directly from the W’s global music director with this new, flashy app. You can also order room service, request towels, bedding and other amenities the hotel offers. In addition you can also view offers and post comments and photos on social networking sites. Free for iPhone and iPad.




This Dubai airport app assists and navigates travelers through their three terminals by featuring a directory of airport amenities. The app also features live flight listings and gate information. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android


Your Passenger Rights

This app was launched by the European Commission to help travelers keep up to date on delayed or canceled air and rail service. The app also assists travelers on lost or destroyed by listing the information to file complaints. Free for Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7 phones.


The Future by Airbus

Explore the future of 2050 with this slick new app from the airliner maker. Users can tap on widgets to learn more about the future innovations of air travel on Airbus airliners as well as view images and video. Free for iPhone and iPad.



Finally, an app from JetBlue. Users can now check in and check your flight status. The app also allows users to view movie trailers and share travel plans. Free for iPhone and iPad.


Click a Taxi

This app is now available for use in 7 countries with plans to expand. The app allows users to make automated bookings with the more than 1000 taxi firms. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Maps +

Browse Google Maps, set location alarms for specific arrival locations. The user can also record and edit GPS routing and show tweets from anyone with geo-location tagging enabled. Free for iPhone and iPad.



An app for travelers frustrated with hotel chains this app allows users to search and book accommodations elsewhere. With over 26,000 cities available you can browse private apartments and list them as well. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android.



This app allows the user to link up with their Facebook account. Create trip plans and get recommendations from friends. Free for iPhone and iPad.


Postagram Postcards

Too busy to find a post office or postcards and stamps? This app allows the user to take a picture and turn it into a printed postcard with a message that can be instantly sent anywhere in the world for .99 cents. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Jetlag Genie

Manage your jetlag with a customizable plan with this app. Simply log the flight time and usual wake- up and bed times to create a plan on when to sleep and wake.  0.99 for iPad and iPhone