How to Make the Most Out of Your Miles and Earn More.

With the busy summer travel season winding down, now might be a good time to maximize those frequent flier miles you might have racked up in preparation to make an exotic escape from the brutal winter. The only real incentive for many frequent fliers these days are those precious miles and how to get the most out of them. Lets Fly Cheaper.com has compiled a short list of some tips on how to utilize your miles smart and efficiently.


Did you know you can negotiate for miles with credit card offers?

Most frequent travelers are aware that one of the best ways to earn miles is by signing up for credit cards that offer that feature. What many people don’t know is that you can actually negotiate for more miles with the credit card company. Many of the card issuers will add bonus miles just for signing up with their card. They will also match their competitor’s offers so it is important not to take the first offer that pops up in your mailbox. Shop around and do some research before snatching up that first offer.


Are you aware that using your miles for domestic travel isn’t really worth it?

Don’t use those hard earned points on something you can likely get a good deal on. Generally, most domestic round trip tickets run in the $300 range and some may be less.  It’s best to use them on longer, more expensive international flights or as an upgrade from coach to business class.


Don’t let those miles expire.

Some airlines do require some type of activity if you’re collecting miles on a particular carrier. Usually it varies from 12-18 months. However, you don’t have to hop on a plane and burn up those miles to stay an active flier with that carrier. You can shop at one of your carrier’s online malls. Doing that will not only keep you active it will also earn you more miles.


You can’t avoid paying the tax fees but there are ways to avoid other fees.

Nothing is free when it comes to flying. Regardless of your mileage count, you will always have to pay the taxes. Those can range between $5 to $50 domestically and up to $700 on international travel. There are ways to minimize additional fees. Try to book at least a month out. Many airlines will charge what they call a “close purchase” date. That date is usually within 21 days of the flight so plan accordingly and check with your carrier’s policy.


Try to redeem those miles through your airline’s mileage program website. 

Avoid calling the airline to redeem your points unless it’s necessary. Nearly every carrier out there is charging a fee to have their call center operator assist you. A benefit you might get through the carrier’s call center is the option to choose a seat that might not show availability on the website. Also, if your flight has multiple stops the call center might be worth the fee to help with any confusion.