Attention Business Travelers! Stay Healthy on the Road!

Traveling frequently may actually be hazardous to your health, at least, if you’re not taking care of yourself. This is especially true for the most ambitious of travelers, the business traveler.

Many business travelers are wired to be on top of their game in order to be functioning on a professional level. However, the constant abuse one might put their bodies through can take its toll. You’re always on the move and your time requires precise management. That can lead to physical and nutritional neglect not mention, mental exhaustion.


Dan Reese knows the perils of traveling for business. Reese is an airline pilot who spends 18 days a month on the road. His schedule can be very hectic, however Reese knows the damage being on the road frequently can cause the body. “When I started at the airlines, I became overweight and unhealthy pretty quickly. My sleep pattern was a wreck and I wasn’t getting adequate exercise other than walking through an airport terminal. I was also a soda drinker and rarely drank water which is probably the most important thing you need in a pressurized airplane” says Reese. He also mentions that he felt his time was limited and always felt there was a constant urgency. “There would be times when I would have a lot of time between flights, however, I chose to plop myself down in a quiet corner of the airport and read a book or take a quick nap. My body had become so wired to this lifestyle I would forget to eat” he explains.


Reese eventually overcame his lack of staying healthy by following a few simple guidelines. “In my business, sometimes it’s hard to get the time for a decent, well balanced meal, and more times than not, a meal would consist of the airport Burger King or other unhealthy establishments. On layovers that require us to leave early the next morning, it’s nearly impossible to have a good breakfast” he explains. Reese says he eventually invested in a small travel cooler and began bringing his own, healthy food and started using the layover hotel gym. “Our union contract requires that all of our layover hotels need to have gyms or some sort of exercise facility. That requirement had always been there and now I know why. I finally learned how to manage my time better to keep healthy” says Reese.


Below are a few easy things the frequent traveler can do to stay healthy on the road.


Have proper accommodations. Of course a Ritz Carlton may not be in a company’s travel budget. Instead, you might find yourself in a seedy Motel 6 located near the busy interstate. That can lead to a night of restless sleep. Find out your travel budget and offer to look for your own sleeping accommodations. Perhaps you will find a nice bed and breakfast for nearly the same price as that Motel 6.


Use the gym. Let’s hope your hotel is equipped with some sort of work out facility. If it doesn’t, insist that the company sending you off to these faraway places does their part to set you up with accommodations that will allow you to get a quick workout. If that isn’t an option, go for a walk or quick job.


Be wise about what you eat. Yes, airport food is very convenient; however, the options aren’t the healthiest alternatives. Do yourself a favor and pack your own healthy snacks. Fast food at the airport will make you feel tired and weighed down. Also, be sure to hydrate often, especially on board airplanes where they air is pressurized and dry. Studies have shown, you will dehydrate a lot soon on an airplane then the deserts of Phoenix.


Have an itinerary planned out. This is a great way to manage your time efficiently. It’s also a great way to allow yourself adequate time to get a little exercise, especially if you’re traveling for business.


After work, don’t think about work. Once your work day is complete on the road, it’s time to put your mind to rest from thinking about work. Constantly thinking about it can cause stress and we all know, stress isn’t good for your mental and physical well-being.


It’s known that most careers that require a great deal of traveling are very demanding lifestyle changes. However, with a little time management to promote healthy eating and exercise, it can be exciting and rewarding.