10 Rules to Induce Happy Traveling

Traveling should be fun and adventurous, right? So why does it seem like taking a trip to the dentist for a root canal? We can think of a number of things, however, you the traveler, can make it a happier experience and we have provided 10 simple rules on how to do it.

  1. Stay Organized – A trip can go south in a matter of seconds if you’re not organized. Have everything planned out from the moment you need to show your boarding pass and ID to packing efficiently. Create an itinerary for yourself or a mental checklist.
  2. Dress Comfortably – If you’re not needed at that business meeting until the following day, wear comfortable clothing. Sure a suit and tie look sharp but are they really that comfortable? Keep it business casual if you feel you need to maintain some level of professionalism. Other than that, jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of comfortable sneakers should suffice. Not to mention, why wrinkle your suit sitting on an airplane the day before a big meeting.
  3. Be On Time – Nothing will trigger preventable stress like poor time management. Give yourself plenty of time. Two hours prior is usually a safe bet.
  4. Plan Your In Flight Entertainment – If you’re like most people, you likely have some type of portable mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone, iPad or a Kindle. Check with your airline to see if the plane you’ll be flying on is Wi-Fi equipped for streaming movies from Netflix or Amazon. Staying entertained on a long flight can do a lot for the mind and body.
  5. Book Business Class – Studies have shown that business class fliers arrive at their destinations much more relaxed and happier than those in economy. If you’re a frequent flier who has racked up the miles in economy, see what options are available.
  6. Check on VIP Lounge Access – You do not have to be a premium class traveler to enjoy some VIP treatment. Many airports have their own lounges that offer daily passed to anyone. Prices range from $25 and up.
  7. Take the Redeye – Taking a redeye not only ensures the airport will be less busy but most redeye flights are less full and fairly quiet which is good for sleep, especially if you’re traveling in economy.
  8. Eat Healthy – The term “you are what eat” has a lot of truth to it. Don’t load up on greasy fast food or skip your meal prior to flying. Instead, have a well-balanced meal that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. You’ll not only have a happy stomach during your flight but you will also arrive at your destination focused and energetic.
  9. Pack Light – It’s a fact that most travelers over pack. The result of over packing can lead to addition weight fees if you’re checking you bag. It can also lead to stress when you suddenly realize you don’t have enough room to pack your souvenirs or anything else you may have purchased on your vacation or business trip. Be conservative when you pack and only bring exactly what you will need for the time you’re away. You likely won’t need 3 pairs of jeans or 10 shirts for a three day get away.
  10. Relax and don’t stress over little things – This should sum it up. We know the process of traveling can become stressful, however, it really shouldn’t  Be aware that you will likely be waiting in lines, paying addition fees and may have the unfortunate situation where you receive bad customer service. Don’t let those things ruin your experience. They are a very small percentage of the overall traveling adventure. Relax and just roll with the punches.