Why Choose Business Class over Economy?

Economy class is quickly becoming an uncomfortable inconvenience to many travelers. More and more airlines are shrinking their leg room by adding new, thinner seats in order to add more rows. Although the cost comparison to splurge on a first or business class seat is staggering, one can’t help wondering if it might be worth it. Shorter flights under 4 hours probably aren’t worth the added expense to experience a few hours of more legroom and a mimosa. However, when it comes to the long haul flights, mainly those heading overseas, it can be a huge benefit and the pampering you will receive will be worth every penny.


For the most part, those first and business class seats are generally occupied by the frequent flier and seasoned business traveler who have paid their dues in mileage with that particular airline. As someone who has had the pleasure of being upgraded to business class I can testify, it is in fact an incredible experience. I felt refreshed and re-energized after the flight. Normally, I would feel groggy, grumpy and sore from the uncomfortable economy seats. I was hooked and made the promise to never fly economy again on long flights. The extra cost in my opinion was worth it. Of course it can depend on the day of the week you fly as well as which carrier. Affordability is inevitably the bottom line.


Other benefits for splurging on upper class seating include quicker security and boarding processes as well as the opportunity to utilize the airport lounges. In addition most airlines waive checked bag fees up to three items.


The food in business class is better. Meals are top quality and the options are more abundant. Not to mention, free. Economy class customers usually find themselves paying for a lower grade dining experience with very limited options. In addition, a business class meal is likely healthier. Some studies have even shown that a business class traveler is far more rested and better nourished than their counterparts in economy class.


To sum it up, you get what you pay for. If you’re a frequent traveler that usually flies in economy, you might want to explore what options you have. The first things you want to ask yourself; do you have the miles for an upgrade? If so, is the flight duration worth those hard earned miles? If the answer is yes then by all means, book it and enjoy.