New Trends in Business Class Travel

It’s hard to imagine from the 1950’s to the 1980’s we were envisioning a future of luxurious space travel by the time we got to the year, 2012. Well, that never happened. However, some pretty exciting things have happened. 2012 has been a great year for the business traveler and it’s only going to get better. Here are some trends that are on the rise for in-flight business class travel.



More Business, Less First

That first class option is rapidly vanishing from many carriers. Airlines are seeing the profitable benefit of having the lie-flat business seats. They require more cabin space and the only option is to either get bigger planes or remove first class. Airbus and Boeing are seeing a decrease in orders to include a first class option.


Better in-flight Internet

Everyone is jumping on this trend and many are improving on it as well. WiFi on long flights can be an amazing time killer for what would normally be a fairly boring flight for most travelers. With the improvements on in-flight WiFi you can stream your favorite movies and television shows as well as check your plethora of social media sites.


Tastier Food

Airline food is famous for having a bland taste. Recent studies attribute that blandness to the airplanes cabin pressure and the effects a high altitude environment has on the human senses. In-flight chefs are now spicing up their dishes to compensate for the lost senses in order to make the food explode with flavor.


Private Suites

Long haul carries such as Emirates are continuing to upgrade their business class sections to feature private suites. The suites feature a privacy divider separating them from the other suites. Other features include a dine on demand service, a personal mini bar and a 23” television monitor. As of now these suites are only featured on their Airbus A380 but will likely expand to other aircraft models as well as other long haul carriers in order to stay competitive.


The bottom line is that it pays to be a business class traveler today and will continue well into the future. Air travel for the elite will only improve as technology continues to innovate to cater to air travel.