Book Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans Early

Believe it or not, the economy in the U.S is on an upswing when it comes to air travel. Airlines are continuing to see sold out and over booked flights. This trend will most likely continue well into the holiday travel season. Experts say now is the time to book those holiday flights. Seats are already vanishing on many flights during the peak travel days for the Thanksgiving holiday and that can mean a significant increase in air fares.


The airlines are starting to scale back on their capacity. This means it’s going to be tougher to get a seat, especially in the smaller markets. This can be a challenge for the passengers who will be flying together with family. Experts recommend booking those flights early and being flexible on what days you travel. The cheapest days to travel for Thanksgiving will be November, 13-16, November, 22-23 and November, 28-29. The more expensive days will be November, 21st and November, 24-25.


The larger markets should remain fairly simple to get seats. For example, if you live in a hub city such as Atlanta and your traveling to large cities like Chicago and Washington D.C, your options will be better.


In addition, passengers need to be paying close attention to bag fees. Southwest Airlines is still offering free checked bags. Other low cost carriers such as Spirit and Allegiant both charge for carry on and checked bags so be cautious in reading the airline’s bag policy prior to purchasing that cheap fare. Those fees add up quick and that “deal” isn’t such a deal when all is said and done.


The ongoing problems at American Airlines may also have an impact on air travel this holiday season. With continued labor disputes with American’s pilot group in addition with the recent cancelations due to loose seats, the airline is strained and undependable right now. It’s anyone’s guess on how long the issues will continue at American so many passengers are steering clear from flying on American during the busiest travel time of the year.


Plan ahead, plan now and pay attention.