American Airlines to Upgrade Their Transcontinental Domestic Fleet

Sometime in 2013, American Airlines will start replacing many of their transcontinental JFK based fleet with brand new Airbus A321 aircraft, which is a stretched version of the popular Airbus A320 aircraft. The current transcontinental routes flown by American out of JFK are mainly operated by an aging fleet of Boeing 767s.


Unlike many of their U.S competitors American’s new Airbus will feature some pretty cool, impressive amenities, especially for first and business class passengers who will be able to enjoy the option of a fully reclining, lay-flat seat; the first for any U.S carrier on a domestic flight. Economy passengers will also enjoy 8.9 inch monitors, Wi-Fi, USB and power ports along with the option of more leg room.


The new aircraft will feature three classes on their new Airbus fleet, which in the past for any U.S carrier’s transcontinental domestic fleets has been unheard of. American Airlines hasn’t been known for comfort as far as transcontinental domestic flights go. In fact, they have been rated among the worst in the U.S for comfort. It seems they have gotten the message and are extremely motivated to bring back that comfort while at the same time innovating new flying experiences.


American’s intention to become one of the only carriers in the U.S to offer a three class service with all the cool bells and whistles could be side lined. The company is also in bankruptcy with rumors of a merger with U.S Airways on the rise. So the question is. Will this new concept happen the way they want it to? Why not? With growing competition from hi quality, low cost carriers like Virgin America and JetBlue, mainly on the JFK to San Francisco routes. It’s imperative for American to increase incentives to attract a loyal customer base by giving them a pleasant, unforgettable experience.