Top 5 Things to do in Vienna


Looking forward to an exciting Vienna visit? If so, you have landed to the right page. This article serves as your guide to the best attractions in Vienna. For a lot of visitors, the city’s attractions mainly lie in its impressive history. This is particularly tangible as you take a walk through the city centre, while going past Hofburg Palace, and Stephansdom, plus the lively Ringstrasse boulevard. Also, it has a lot of museums, shops and churches that are well worth exploring by foot. You can also take a couple of breaks in between any of the numerous street cafés. But the fascinating beauty of the city goes beyond those attractions.  Among the multiple city adventures, here are the top 5 finest:


Stroll along Ringstrasse. Do you love strolling? If so, having a good time strolling along the majestic Ringstrasse boulevard from Staatsoper to Rathaus is one of the finest ways to understand the condition of the city before the empire’s fall way back in 1918. Indeed, it reflects Vienna’s status then. This is also one of the reasons why Vienna is the biggest and at the same time significant capitals in the world. The fascinating imperial expansion became plausible in the midst of the 19th-century after the historic medieval bastions have razed. If you want to get yourself mesmerised with the classic side, strolling along Ringsstrasse.

Visit Kaiserliche Schatzkammer.  Kaiserliche Schatzkammer or Imperial Secular Treasury is situated on the former castle stronghold of Vienna. Although its imperial and royal jewels may not be as fascinating as those in the brilliant Tower of London, you can make sure that the power as well as the glory that they exhibit symbolise a unique beauty that will never be unrivalled. If you can’t get enough of it, you can also check the breath taking pieces inside the treasury. Say for instance, you can take a look of the priceless Reichskrone or crown of the realm, or the majestic Holy Lance. You’ll not only take the fun and excitement into a newer height but you’ll also get to learn a lot of things.

Go to Kunsthistorisches Museum. Are you one of those who are interested to visit the finest museum in Austria? If so, there is no doubt that Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the best places for you to go. It is a brilliant palace designed to house the wide range of collections of fine art that the courageous Habsburgs obtained for a hundred of years.  When you take a closer look on these masterpieces, you will surely learn a lot of things about the prudishly and politically omnipotent catholic family that has prevailed half of the western empire during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Pay a visit to Schönbrunn Palace. Another museum in Vienna that is worthy of your visit is none other than Schönbrunn Palace. At present, it is the top list of visitor’s itinerary. This place is on its finest especially when the weather is good and when the gardens blossom with perfectly manicured flowerbeds.

Roam around the Schönbrunn Zoo. Schönbrunn Zoo, or Vienna Zoo is also another attraction in Vienna. If you love giant pandas, it is a great place to go. It is considered as the oldest and at the same time most beautiful in the world. The zoo welcomes tourists with three entrances, before they get to see different lovely creatures.


It’s not only the remarkable historic side that sets Vienna apart from other destinations out there. It also features different impressive sites such as museums, parks and boulevards. Don’t miss these top 5 things to do in Vienna.