Luxury Hotels for Business Travelers


What Business Travelers Want From Luxury Hotels (And Where To Get Them)

As a business traveler, there are many things you look for in a luxury hotel just the same as any other traveler – a quiet & spacious room, a comfortable bed, and enough attention to detail to make your trip worthwhile. On the other hand, you usually have some specific requirements to make your business trip as pleasant as possible. Here’s a list of luxury hotels for business travelers. These hotels understand the unique needs that business travelers have and are ready to serve them. Whether you’re taking a business trip to New York or Shanghai, our list of luxury hotels from all over the world will help you figure out which one best fits your professional needs.


Fast, free WiFi


For years now, business travelers have said that reliable WiFi is the most important feature of a good hotel. For WiFi to be unavailable in a hotel is almost unheard of, but for it to be accessible AND free is still a slowly-growing trend. Luckily, there’s a few international hotels staying ahead of the game. Hyatt Hotels provide free WiFi service to all guest rooms and public spaces in their more than 500 hotels. There’s no limit on how many devices can be used and no difference in service depending on loyalty status. There’s also no hidden WiFi fees, and it’s not bundled together with other amenities in a “facility fee”. Just top-quality internet at a top quality business hotel, which is surprisingly rare. In addition to guest rooms and public spaces, luxury hotel chains The Peninsula and Shangri-La also offer in their car service.

While the hotels listed above get first prize for providing free WiFi to all guests, some luxury business hotels get credit for offering limited versions. Fairmont hotels offer free WiFi to loyalty club members – otherwise it’s around $15 a day. Four Seasons hotels offer basic internet for up to four devices, but for high-speed internet it’s about $20 a day. Marriot and Ritz-Carlton hotels offer free WiFi for loyalty card members who book directly with them, and Mandarin Oriental hotels offers free WiFi when guests make an online personal profile ahead of time and book directly with them as well.


Comfortable workspace


After a long flight, the last thing a business traveler needs is a boxy, uncomfortable space to do work at. As technology changes how and where we work, some luxury hotels are moving away from the traditional chair-and-desk setup in favor of multi-purpose furniture designed for work and relaxing. The beds at Virgin Hotels, for example, are made with ergonomic headboards that are slightly tilted and cushioned, making it easier and more comfortable to work in bed. Another example is Courtyard business hotels, who have introduced a mobile desk to set on your lap in bed or on the sofa. They also offer a swiveling side table that guests can slide over their laps. The boutique hotel chain Kimpton has also added sliding tables with ergonomic chairs that makes the hotel room feel less business-like and more residential. But if you’re looking for just a good ol’ fashion desk, Kimpton still provides those in some rooms.

Don’t want to work in your room? Marriott Hotels started a new concept called Workspace on Demand where guests and non-guests can both book small-scale meeting space right from their phone. And Ace Hotel in New York have introduced a very successful coworking space, where travelers and locals of all generations come together in the lobby of the hotel to finish up some work.


Wellness Options


Business travel can mean a whacky schedule with unreliable access to fitness facilities. But going on a business trip shouldn’t have to mean getting off your fitness track. And while we all expect a hotel to have some amount of fitness area, but only the best luxury business hotels go above and beyond the traditional hotel gym facilities. All Kimpton Hotels offer a free yoga mat and complimentary 24-hour yoga and pilates channels as well as a complimentary bike service in many cities. Upon request, guests can request a “Roll-out Service” where staff will prepare a yoga mat, furnish extra towels, and provide flavored water with fresh fruit. In a similar vein, Copley Square Hotel in Boston offer a morning “Power Hour” with free bottled water, granola bars, jogging maps, and fitness classes to start your day right. Did you forget a workout playlist? No worries there – Fairmont hotels provides pre-loaded MP3 players with large enough music selection for all different tastes.

Another tricky fitness problem for business travelers is those clunky running shoes that take up half your luggage space. Some luxury hotels have you covered. The Westin Hotels partnered with New Balance to lend shoes and workout clothing for $5 per stay. Fairmont has done something similar with Reebox: as a member of the Fairmont President’s Club, (which is free), guests can borrow workout clothes for free. And if they end up really loving the gear, they can purchase it with a 15% discount.


Up-to-date technology


Besides good quality WiFi, business travelers want a hotel with cutting edge technology that makes their business trip and smooth sailing as possible. Fairmont offers in-room iPads that guests can use to do everything from accessing over 3,000 newspaper and magazines to ordering 24-hour room service. Aria Hotel in Las Vegas also offers in-room technology that guests can use to easily order room service, make dinner reservations, or control the lighting and climate. Most Peninsula hotels are equipped with high-definition video conferencing and projection, surround-sound audio, video and lighting control, Samsung touch-screen display systems, and wireless microphones – all of which can be operated in 11 different languages. Hilton, Starwood, and Marriot hotels in the US let you use your smartphone as the room key. And Virgin Hotels enable guests to use their smartphones not just as a key but also to control room temperatures, adjust room lighting, and change tv channels. And for a little bit of fun mixed with your technology: Hotel 1000 in Seattle offers virtual golf that lets you play in 50 of the world’s best courses.


Attention to details


Paying attention to the particular needs of a business traveler makes for a great luxury business hotel. For those with a quick upcoming meeting, InterContinental San Francisco offers guests one-hour suit pressing as well as an unpacking service. Guests just arriving at Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle are offered sparkling wine, and additional amenities include daily car service (like to and from the airport) and the option to have your luggage sent to the hotel ahead of time. The Langham Place Fifth Avenue in New York  lets guests customize the mini-bar: they can replace water with Red Bull, Vitamin Water, or another nonalcoholic drink of their choice. The May Fair Hotel in London contains a cigar room for guests to relax alone or with business aquaintances. And for very international travel, the Palace Hotel Tokyo offers 4-hour sessions in Japanese business etiquette, like reading body language, the proper way to eat, and how to exchange business cards.


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