Jewel Changi: A virtual tour of Singapore’s new high-tech terminal

Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport Devt.

Changi Airport in Singapore is a marvel. The sixth-largest airport for international travelers, Changi has been named SkyTrax’s World’s Best Airport for six years running.


In recent years, however, Changi officials have been expressing worry about losing their glowing status to competitors such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Singapore’s response? The creation of a 134,000 square meter, $1.7 billion mixed-use complex called Jewel.

Accessible from all three terminals at Changi Airport, the ten storeys of Jewel will be home to 300 retail and dining facilities, a 130-room hotel, an indoor garden, and a wealth of exciting attractions.

Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport Devt.

The facility is set to open in April of 2019 and promises to outdo the previous standard of excellence that is Changi Airport. Here’s what you can expect:

Rain Vortex

Once opened, Jewel will be the home of the world’s largest indoor waterfall. At 40 meters high, it will cascade from the center of the facility, and at night, will become the backdrop for a sound-and-lights show.

Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport Devt.

Forest Valley

Forest Valley will become one of Singapore’s largest indoor gardens, at five storeys tall and replete with 3000 trees. Visitors will be able to stroll among the gardens to relax between flights. Among the trees and plants, visitors will also be able to find life-size topiary animals and seasonal flower displays.

Sky Nets

The Sky Nets at Jewel Changi will be a fun way to view the canopy from above and provide traveler’s children with an exciting diversion between what may be very long flight legs. The Sky Net comes in two forms: a bouncing net that is 250 meters long suspended 8 meters above the ground, and a firmer “walking net” which will be 50 meters long and will enable visitors to look down 25 meters to Jewel’s first storey.


Canopy Mazes

Situated on the eastern end of the complex, Jewel features both a hedge maze and a mirror maze. Once completed, the hedge maze will be Singapore’s largest maze, and will feature gates that can be adjusted to change the path of the maze.


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport Devt.


Changi airport seems determined to become a reason to visit Singapore in its own right. And with the latest addition of Jewel Changi, it seems that it very well might. 






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    Changi Airport looks incredible. I will definitely have to visit Singapore in April. Thank you for sharing this! Carolina at GSE Solutions

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    The Jewel Changi Airport Rain Vortex sounds unbelievable. Imagine the tallest indoor waterfall at an airport. It promises to be spectacular, n another good reason to visit Singapore. Count me in! Bernice Pereira .