The World’s Safest Airlines

Although, we hate to think about it, but airline safety is something that is always in the back of our minds as we board millions of flights every year. Of course accidents are extremely rare and this past year was the safest year since 1945, accidents do happen and there are some airlines out there that seem to be safer than others.


According to Europe’s Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center, Finland’s Finnair Airlines is the world’s safest airline. The airline hasn’t reported a single incident involving a fatality in the 30 year period of the data. However, the data also shows some of the airlines in the top ten safe category, have not been in service for 30 years, which to some, including myself, might seem a little unfair when judging the seriousness of safety.


Another thing one might want to take into account regarding this study, is the fact that a majority of the top ten safest operate long haul, international routes only. They do not fly numerous legs in one day like many of the North American carriers. That makes a big difference when studies like this are released. Perhaps they should categorize the safest by the volume in which the airline flies. My guess is the data would be slightly different.


The data is calculated by the number of aircraft loss, incidents and more serious accidents over the past 30 years.


The Worlds Safest Top Ten

    1. Finnair
    2. Air New Zealand
    3. Cathay Pacific
    4. Emirates
    5. Etihad
    6. Eva Air
    7. TAP Portugal
    8. Hainan Airlines
    9. Virgin Australia
    10. British Airways


The Bottom Ten Safest Airlines

51. SkyWest Airlines

52. South African Airways

53. Thai Airways

54. Turkish Airlines

55. Saudia

56. Korean Air

57. GOL

58. Air India

59. TAM Airlines

60. China Airlines


3 thoughts on “The World’s Safest Airlines

  1. Drew Axelson

    That is so stupid. Korean air now is very safe and South Korea is the safest place for aviation. Plus China Airlines is probably much safer than some small Kazakh charter airline. Turkish is also very safe. It’s so juvenile to even write an article about this. All these “airline safety centers” are totally stupid. Basically all airlines are safe if they aren’t on the EU blacklist, which I think is a little strict.

    1. admin

      Agree, I did some digging around on this and found that this site that conducted the original study is not a legitimate source. They are just a couple of guys, pushing a book. We did a press releases last month disputing the entire study. You can do a search for “travel site disputes accuracy of a recent airline safety study” to read our press release.