Business Travelers Love Atlanta’s Airport

A recent study emerged announcing which U.S airport business travelers favored. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International took the top honor. The airport is also the busiest airport in the world. The added pressure of being the world’s busiest has forced the airport to appeal to every traveler who steps foot in Atlanta’s mega, airport complex. They seem to have found a formula that works well for many business travelers.


The poll asked business travelers a series of questions ranging from their favorite airport for connecting flights to which airport they felt was the most family friendly for kids. Orlando took the top spot in the best family oriented list, likely due to its being the gateway to the Disney World Empire. Atlanta placed 3rd on the list.


The categories that catapulted Atlanta into the number one spots were dinning, airport amenities and airports for business travel services. Atlanta was the top pick for being the best airport for the, sometimes, inconvenient connecting flights. They also placed 3rd as being the least favorite for connecting flights. We suppose it’s a double edge sword in that regards. In actuality, no single airport is really great for connecting flights. As passengers, we want to get to our destinations as quickly as possible. However, an airport making our stay a little nicer is, indeed, a great gesture.


Newark, San Francisco and Washington D.C’s Dulles airports tied to be the least favorite for offering business traveler services. They lack many of the amenities business travelers have come to rely on when traveling. San Francisco and Dulles are more or less gateway hubs to international destinations and likely don’t see the business traveler traffic other airports like Atlanta and Chicago might experience.


Here at Lets Fly Cheaper, we conducted a similar poll in 2011 and found that Houston’s Intercontinental Airport ranked as the worst airport for business travelers. We are happy to say, they have moved out of that spot and currently sit at number 7 for having the best business class services, as well as being the 4th favorite airport for connecting flights. Houston didn’t even rank on this study as being among the worst airports for connecting flight. Houston seems to be improving on their business class customer demands.