Airlines Offering more Amenities to go with those Flat Bed Seats

So it seems just about every international airline has installed fancy flat-bed seats in most of their business class cabins. The seats have proven to be very popular options on those long haul flights. However, with so many airlines having them, they are no longer a huge selling point, at least, not until now.


Recently, Delta Airlines began offering something to actually go with those seats. They have partner with Westin Hotels and Resorts and will start offering “Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding “The new linen offerings will begin this summer, according to Delta.



Delta recently saw an influx in new business class amenities such as in-flight entertainment upgrades and mood lighting among their competitors, American Airlines, United, Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa. The idea for the new bedding came for the need of getting a good night’s sleep while on board on of Delta’s long haul flights. Customer research showed that this was a priority among most Delta passengers.


The flights Delta will offer the Westin sleep products in all of their business class cabins on international flights and a few select transcontinental flights such as JFK to LAX, San Francisco to Seattle and Atlanta to Honolulu. The cost to Delta, according to their marketing strategist, the cost of the investment is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. As staggering as that might seem, Delta anticipates it will be a popular amenity and attract more business class ticket purchases on both, international and transcontinental flights.


Many travel industry analyst are skeptical about Delta’s new amenity, claiming their business class passenger studies, show that pricing, schedules and travel policies take precedence over sleeping amenities.



One thought on “Airlines Offering more Amenities to go with those Flat Bed Seats

  1. business ben

    when ever I have flown on a long flight I do prefer to use these flat beds so any extras they can add will defiantly improve my flight and add extra value to the price