Emirate’s New First Class Raises The Bar On Luxury Travel


First Class dining

Image courtesy Emirates Airlines

Emirates has stepped it up again.

When Singapore Airlines launched its new A380 first class suites in early November, Emirates did not wait long to respond. The trendsetter of the skies has recently unveiled their new Boeing 777 first class suite, and it’s exactly as extravagant as you’d expect. The suites were designed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and feature forty square feet of space. Obviously, the elite Emirates traveler is not going to settle for a little more floor space and some posh cream leather interiors, so Emirates raised the bar with other details and amenities as well.

 Fully enclosed private suites

Image courtesy Emirates Airlines

The suites are arranged 1-1-1, which of course leaves the dreaded middle suite. To make up for this inconvenience, Emirates has installed in the middle suite a set of hi-def screens that will display real-time video of the view from the plane windows. The tech enhancements don’t stop there: travelers have the ability to customize the mood lighting of their suite, and Emirates has also replaced the hassle of the call button with a tablet-like control system that allows guests to face time directly with a dedicated cabin crew member.

The new Boeing 777 First Class suite with virtual windows and an inspiration kit

Image courtesy Emirates Airlines

And, as usual, you’ll find all of Emirates other spectacular amenities in place, including its award-winning in-flight entertainment system, vintage Dom Perignon and 70kg allowance for checked baggage.  

The new suites will be available December 1st on the Boeing 777, beginning with its inaugural flight from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva.


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