Emirates Includes Zambia on A380 Network


The gulf carrier already flies daily from Lusaka to Dubai, and its expansive fleet of 44 A380 aircrafts will be flying the route with First, Business and Economy classes. This will offer passengers from Zambia more opportunities to get from Lusaka to Dubai and onto 25 other destinations such as Zurich and Auckland, though Emirates’ dedicated A380 terminal in Dubai.

“The A380 is a truly remarkable aircraft and is a travel experience in its own right,” claims Husain Alsafi, the Emirates Country Manager for Zambia. He continues, “Since Emirates began flying to Lusaka almost two years ago, customers here have been able to link into a growing network of cities served by the A380, while making overseas trips as exciting and fun as the final destinations.”

Dubai International Airport transfers the A380 passengers from Lusaka to Concourse A, which is the dedicated and world’s first purpose-built facility for A380s and also a part of Terminal 3. There are 20 gates, along with Emirates’ First Class and Business Class lounges, making it the largest concourse in the world.

Emirates is known for its A380s fleet. Beginning in 2000 as Airbus’s first A380 customer, the carrier expects to receive 96 more of the aircraft over the next 5 years. That is $43 billion USD. Emirates is Airbus’s top customer, as 50 A380s were ordered from the Dubai Air Show in November 2013 thus making the largest aircraft purchase in Airbus history.

“From an operator standpoint, the A380 is still one of the most fuel efficient aircraft per seat. It offers us some flexibility in range and also helps us to meet demands at slot-constrained airports… Continuous improvements are being made to the A380, by the manufacturer as well as by Emirates in terms of our on-board product….For instance our latest A380s have been fitted with even bigger high definition LCD TV screens to enhance the in-flight entertainment experience. We’ve also introduced new touch screen tablets that allow passengers to control all their seat functions and movie selections with just one swipe. Small details, but these add up to provide a great flying experience.” stated Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline.

Zambian passengers are bridged with this service to Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.